Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 349

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Chapter 349: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 2)

This was a story of childhood lovers, having loved each other for a long time, or even having a deep love that made them forget themselves.

The previous host and the male lead had been neighbours since birth, they were definitely a pair of childhood lovers!

Whether it was eating or sleeping, they loved playing together since they were young.

These kinds of innocent days lasted until sixth grade.

There was a change with these ‘childhood lovers’ as the previous host moved.

Although they were still in the same city, this small change in schools meant it was completely different.

For their three years of middle school, they didn’t have any contact at all.

Until they met again at S City’s focused high school again.

Ye Zhi Jin was no longer the starry eyed doll from their youth, rather he had grown into an elegant and handsome youth.

On the day of their freshmen ceremony, he became the focus of the entire school.

There was also another person that everyone paid attention to, the supporting male lead, Gu Qing Nuo.

It’s said that these two held the love of over 80% of the girls in their middle school, they were definitely school hunk level characters.

Of course they had two people who were said to be a perfect coupling to them: Cheng Qian Zi and Qiao Meng Tian.

The previous host never thought that she would be in the same class as these two popular people and she would have them in the same row right behind her.


Those days made the previous host someone who was envied by many female students.

The previous host thought that her childhood friend Ye Zhi Jin would talk to her first, but she never thought that the person who patted her shoulder first was Gu Qing Nuo.

She didn’t even forget it on the day she died.  When she turned around, light shined in from the window onto Gu Qing Nuo’s face, how beautiful that looked.

If it was said to be love at first sight, it couldn’t even compare.

The beginning was beautiful, but the ending was very tragic.

In the memory of the previous host, Ye Zhi Jin was always someone who had been silent.

He wasn’t cold and proud, but he wasn’t open either.

Only on a certain day when she died ten years later, she learned before death that there had been someone who had been silently guarding her.

Not asking for an ending or a future, never giving up and always maintaining his silence.

But ten years ago, the previous host’s love had been given to someone else.

A youth called Gu Qing Nuo.

She never thought that this youth would take the initiative to confess to her.

In a single night, she became a popular topic.

The previous host’s personality was rather shy and she didn’t like standing on a pedestal, becoming the center of everyone’s criticisms.

The supporting female lead Cheng Qian Zi was Gu Qing Nuo’s childhood friend and had loved him since they were young, so naturally she couldn’t accept that Gu Qing Nuo liked someone else.

She used all her methods to destroy the previous host’s university exam ticket and changed the previous host’s form.

It was all so that the previous host couldn’t go to the same university as Gu Qing Nuo.

In the end, Cheng Qian Zi succeeded, succeeded in everything.

When they were separated, Gu Qing Nuo still came to find the previous host once a month.  Then it became three months, half a year, and then a year……

Long distance relationships made people lost and unable to find a direction.

Separation was the best way to break love.

But Gu Qing Nuo made the biggest mistake.

Putting a foot in both boats……

This went on for ten years since their first day of university.

Only on the day Gu Qing Nuo and Cheng Qian Zi got married did the previous host learn everything.

She had saved up money to give to Gu Qing Nuo and he had used all that money to give gifts to Cheng Qian Zi to make her happy.

The reason why Gu Qing Nuo always only spared her a few glances wasn’t because he was busy, rather because he had someone else to be with.

The only reason he didn’t break up was because he wasn’t willing to give up the money she gave him each month……

So the one who sent her a birthday card and flowers each day on her birthday was not Gu Qing Nuo.

It was someone who had silently guarded by her side, the boy she had met first.

In the end, the previous host was accidentally hit by the display at their wedding ceremony and couldn’t be saved.

As she died, she kept thinking about one thing.

If there was a parallel version of this world, would their ending have been different?

Then, bring on a parallel version!

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