Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: Little theater side story

System: What does Glazed Tile like the most?

Glazed Tile: Love climax reversal!

System: ……Glazed Glass who loves reversing love, aren’t you afraid of being beaten?

Glazed Tile: Don’t hit Glazed Tile……Reversing unwanted love is normal!

System: ……

[Please ignore the above words without any nutritional value, next let’s enter the feeding little fairies dog food ten question interview!  Now let’s let our sir Bai Ci give everyone some opening words!]


[“Alright, sir Bai Ci is rather cold, this system forgot!  Then let’s start! The first question: As the only Destiny Master of the Heaven Falling Continent, what is the thing you regret the most?”]

“Letting her take the chance to read the ancient sacrificial spell a hundred years ago.”

[“Ah?  You also know this spell?”]

“No, but I know other spells……”

[“Oh.”]  The system responded in an indifferent voice.

[“Second question: Can you briefly comment on Yan Ruo Yao?”]

“Stepping stone for the three bolts of heavenly disaster.”

[“Pu, this system really submits to you!”]


[“Third question: Who is the person you hate most in this world?”]


[“Why?”]  Sir Bai Ci actually didn’t hate anything, this was simply unbelievable!

“Because the person they loved loved me, it should be them who hate me.”

[“This sounds quite reasonable!”]


[“Fourth question: If you could go back in time, when would you want to meet her?”]

“Past world because I felt that this life was too short, I wasn’t willing to let her go.”

[“Alright, this system doesn’t want to eat this dog food!”]


[“Fifth question: Were you afraid in the Unbounded Land?”]  Even the system was very afraid of that place.

“No.  I was thinking about when Yan Ruo Yao would use the Red Lotus Orb.  The moment she used it, my heart was filled with incomparable excitement and I almost shouted out, but it was a pity that I didn’t have the strength.”

[“This system bows in admiration to sir Bai Ci’s mind!”]

[“Sixth question: At the spirit spell conference, were you worried about her?”]

“No.  I was by her side, she wouldn’t be hurt.  If Yan Ruo Yao had hurt her, I would have ignored everyone and joined the battle!”

[“Ah!  So handsome, it’s a pity the system didn’t get to see!”]

[“Seventh question: Do you think the little mushroom is cute?”]

“As for this light bulb that stayed with us for so many years, it was a good thing Shao Qing also came.  Otherwise, you should have expected a bowl of mushroom soup to appear on the dinner table one day.”

[……]  The system trembled, it was a bit scary.

[“Eighth question: When did you feel that you really fell in love with her?”]


After a long time, only then did Mo Bai Ci answer.

“It should be the day of the Ice Soul Jade matter!  I found that there was an unknown throb in the depths of my heart.  I wouldn’t allow anyone to wrong her, bully her, and I didn’t want Li Jin Feng to approach her.”

[“Ninth question: What do you fear the most in this world?”]

“She didn’t love me.”

[……]  Finishing this bowl of dog food!

[“Tenth question: Say something you want her to hear!  It can be considered the final confession of the cold Destiny Master!”]

“I’m willing to accompany you from our youth to our old age.  If you leave first, I will accompany you on the path of reincarnation.”

[…..Alright, this really is like Mo Bai Ci!]

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 7/100]

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