Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: Mo Bai Ci’s side story (Part 2)

After falling into the bottomless Abyss, I thought that I had died, but actually I hadn’t.

I found a secret realm, so I closed up to heal my wounds every day, not daring to slack for even a moment.

Because I knew that she was waiting for me.

She had to be waiting for me……

When I saw her again, it was in a sea of flames and thunder.

The entire Heaven Falling Continent looked like the end of the world, but she stood in the flames.  She had her hands together, as she chanted the spell that I never wanted to hear again.

At that moment, my mind went completely blank.  I didn’t even think as I tightly trapped her, placing a barrier around her.

This scene was like going back in time, making me think of the scene from a hundred years ago that I never wanted to see again, where she perished together with the Demon Monarch.

How could I let her cast that spell again?

I used my quickest speed to take care of the Demon Monarch before tightly taking her in my embrace, never willing to let go.

I looked into her clear as water eyes filled with tears and my heart was filled with sadness…..

Indeed, it was my fault.

I shouldn’t have left her alone.  I apologized to her, but I found……

She began crying even harder.

I thought that I really didn’t know how to get along with the person I loved, but I really didn’t want to see her cry.

It was like seeing her cry completely made my heart flustered.

Of course, I didn’t like her seeing other men either.


Li Jin Feng.

When the little mushroom was suddenly kidnapped, I divined a bit and found it was him.

I knew that he wouldn’t hurt her, but I was still afraid.

Because I wasn’t certain how much weight that hundred years of being with him had in her heart.

After all, I had been together with her for much less than a hundred years……

Li Jin Feng was using this kind of method to find her, he definitely hadn’t forgotten her.

I was afraid that she would leave my side……

Every second passed like a year standing at the foot of the mountain, but when she came back alone holding the little mushroom, I went wild with joy.

I thought that even if Li Jin Feng wanted to steal from me, I definitely wouldn’t let go.

Because I worked so hard to find her again and worked so hard to stand by her side, how could I be willing to miss someone this important!

In that instant, she softly said something by my ears.

Those words felt better than sweet words and calmed my heart.

She said that she had never loved Li Jin Feng.

She said that the person who loved him no longer existed.

I hugged her, tightly holding her.  In that instant, I was completely determined.

She would always only belong to me.

There was no one that could ever take her from my side.

A certain year in the future, I saw Li Jin Feng on a trip to the mortal world.  I calculated his disaster, but I never thought that he would turn his love disaster into her image.

Actually, seeing that image that was formed, a trace of discomfort filled my heart.

It was like even if it was the same image, I wasn’t willing to share with anyone.

But when I tightly held her hand, all the frustration in my heart scattered.

Li Jin Feng and I were both dedicated people……

But the approach we used were different——

His dedication to his past life surpassed love and hatred.  As he kept persevering, he even forgot what his heart really was.

As for me……

The thing I loved was Luo Qing Chen, the person I loved was Luo Qing Chen, my obsession was also Luo Qing Chen.

A single thought messed up by cherry blossoms.  A single look, who did destiny meet.

If we could meet in another life, even if it met being lost for a hundred years or a thousand years, I was still willing.

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