Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 345

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Chapter 345: Mo Bai Ci’s side story (Part 1)

Even if everything disappears, even if my body disappears, I will treat you the same, forever and ever.  -Mo Bai Ci.

I never felt any emotions in this life because I could calculate the future that confused everyone.

Divining disasters, I was never afraid.

I never loved anyone, never experiencing disasters.  Not knowing what being moved was, not knowing what forever love was.

But Word Tide Bay from that year had shattered the peace of my world.

I suddenly had a sense of frustration that I’ve never felt before because I actually couldn’t protect the person that I wanted to protect.

So what if I was the only Destiny Master?  I actually couldn’t calculate the destiny of my love disaster!

After the battle, I shut myself in for a hundred years.

I was thinking for a hundred years, what kind of thing could I make so that the person I cared about was never hurt even a tiny bit.

Finally I used a hundred years to make the Moon Cherry Blossom Robe.

But thinking about it, what value did it have since my love disaster was already over?  These clothes didn’t have any value in existing at all.

But I never thought that destiny would let me meet her again the day I came out of closed doors.

She seemed different compared to before, only having cultivated for a hundred years.  Her eyes were clear, but also immature.

I was suddenly stunned, as joy spread through every part of my heart.

That was because——

I couldn’t calculate her destiny.

But I could see a different feeling from how she looked at me.

I didn’t know what it was, but I was very clear that I liked how she looked at me very much.

After returning to the Void Residence, I immediately used the most secret sacrifice spell to summon the Stellar God.

Because I had to know what happened to her, the ancient sacrificial spell was a very evil spell.

It had a heaven defying effect, so it had to have some kind of backlash.

As expected, it was like I expected.

Her power had been sealed and she hadn’t passed her heavenly disaster yet.

I used three hundred years of cultivation to exchange for her heavenly disaster from the Stellar God.

It was actually three bolts of heavenly thunder from the Red Lotus Orb……

I know that she couldn’t dodge it.

When she was the Thousand Year Old Cherry Blossom Spirit of the Full Spirit County, she didn’t have a way to make the Demon Monarch surrender when fighting him,

Finally she had no choice but to use the ancient sacrificial spell to perish with him.

And now, she was just a little cherry blossom demon with a hundred years of cultivation.  These three bolts of heavenly thunder would make her soul scatter.

The thing of the past was happening again, I definitely couldn’t let her be injured at all.

Definitely not……

I planned for everything, waiting for the Star Monarch to have me go to the Dead Soul Sea Pond to find the Starlight Sword.

I wanted two people, Blood Demon Hall’s Yan Ruo Yao and Li Jin Feng who could at least protect her when I wasn’t there.

Yan Ruo Yao was the most important person of this heavenly disaster because I knew the Red Lotus Orb was in her hands.

Taking someone else’s heavenly disaster was something that went against the heavens, so I had to use the most cruel methods to let me take the heavenly disaster for her.

Then there was only one place in this world where I could be injured.

The Unbounded Land.

I had calculated everything.

As long as the three bolts of heavenly thunder from the Red Lotus Orb fell onto me, she would never have to face another disaster in her life.

I had this kind of conviction as I didn’t care about life and death, only seeking what I wanted.

Even if my primordial spirit scattered, I wouldn’t regret it in the slightest.

I really should thank the heavens because they really weren’t bad to me.

Everything went as I wanted, the only thing I didn’t know was where the exit of the Unbounded Land was.

But whether it was a mountain of blades, a sea of flames, or a bottomless abyss, I was willing to stay with her.

It was all good as long as she was willing……

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