Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 344

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Chapter 344: Su Qing Xie’s side story

I don’t just like one person, but if it’s not you, I’d rather be alone.  -Su Qing Xie.

As the fourth highness of the Blood Demon Hall, in father’s eyes, I was the most outstanding.

The one who stood by me was the girl who could control dreams, Meng Ling.

Meng Ling loved green, so she always wore a water green robe and shook her bell in front of me.

I didn’t know what kind of feeling I had for her, but I knew that I didn’t dislike it.  It was more like love.


The first time I met the pink robed girl in the Hot Spring Inn.  Her eyes were clear and she was just a weak little demon, but she didn’t want to see any injustice.

I never believed in love at first sight, but my heart skipping a beat made me feel a bit excited.

Her spells weren’t that strong, but she was quite good at dodging.

My heart couldn’t help filling with interest after a few moves.  This was the first time this kind of person could make me feel interested.  

But when I was getting excited, Mo Bai Ci appeared.

I knew that I wasn’t a match for him and this was the Full Spirit County, so there was no need to fight him head on.

Although my heart was dissatisfied, I still chose to leave.

Before leaving, I said to her that we would meet again.

I didn’t know if she understood or not, but this was a promise for me.

In this life, this was the only promise I ever made.

Later I received news from Yan Ruo Yao that Mo Bai Ci was going to the Dead Soul Sea Pond to look for the Starlight Sword.

I was overjoyed, the place that the Destiny Master calculated would naturally have the Starlight Sword.

This was simply the heavens helping me because I never thought that the ancient divine weapon would fall in a place that cut the powers of righteous daoists in half.

Un, my territory.

But I never thought that she would also come.

She was wearing a light scarf and a moon white robe as she stood by Mo Bai Ci’s side.

Without knowing my, my heart was very uncomfortable, but there was still a smile on my face.

Actually I just wanted to say a few more words to her.

It was unknown which death seeking warrior actually came forward to attack me with eyes filled with jealousy.

As the important me, I just gave him a slight look to know that he also liked Luo Qing Chen.

An unknown anger filled my head.  In that Dead Soul Sea Pond, my spiritual energy completely suppressed that righteous side warrior and heavily injured him.

But I still couldn’t beat Mo Bai Ci.

What level had this number one strongest person of the Void Residence reached, actually being able to beat me here.

No one would understand how unwilling I was to accept this.

I never thought that Yan Ruo Yao would use this chance to open the barrier of the Unbounded Land.  That was a place I couldn’t enter.

I only had one thought, nothing better happen to her.

It was already half a year later when we met again, my father planned on washing the Heaven Falling Continent in blood after breaking his seal.

As his son, I had to fight with him.

But I was afraid, afraid to meet her again on this battlefield.

As expected, what you fear will eventually come.

When that light pink colour appeared among the flames and thunder, my heart began to beat intensely.

I didn’t even think as I went out for father, wanting to make her leave.

But I never thought that she would trap me in order to protect me before closing her eyes to chant that terrifying ancient sacrificial spell.

At that moment, it felt like my world was collapsing.

I didn’t know why she protected me.

But I knew that I couldn’t protect her……

Until Mo Bai Ci appeared, until he used his divine body to kill father, until he softly took her into his embrace…..

Until they disappeared in front of me, leaving forever.

The future me never saw her again, but sometimes in the afternoon, I would have a very beautiful dream.

Dreaming of our first meeting.

Dreaming that the white clothed youth never appeared.

Dreaming that she loved me……

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