Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 340

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Chapter 340: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 44)

“This is bad, this is bad!”  A little fox demon ran over to them and cut them off.

Luo Qing Chen quickly jumped out of Mo Bai Ci’s embrace with a flicker in her eyes.  She touched her face and it was very hot.

She awkwardly smoothed her hair over her ears and jumped up, looking at the little fox and saying, “What is it?”

“The little mushroom was taken away!”

Going back two hours, the little mushroom went back to the Hot Spring Inn to get some wine and no one really cared.

Until when the firefly night festival started and it didn’t come back.

The little fox felt that something was off and went to the Hot Spring Inn to look for it, finding a note in the end.

Luo Qing Chen took the note.  There were only a few words written on it that were filled with power: Come to the Snow Mountain if you want to save the mushroom, Luo Qing Chen must come alone.

She was about to give the note to Mo Bai Ci, but he shook his head.

“You divined who took the little mushroom?”  Seeing his expression, it was like she could see his heart.

“Un.”  Mo Bai Ci gave a soft nod before he looked at her with a deep look and said, “Go, there’s no danger.”

Un, there was no danger indeed for Luo Qing Chen.

But for him, there was an unknown feeling that was in his heart.

But he believed in her unconditionally.

“You….You’re not coming with me?”  Luo Qing Chen looked up at Mo Bai Ci with an expectant look in her eyes.

“I’ll be waiting under the mountain.”  After saying this, he raised his hand and brought out the Flashy Sword.  He gently pulled her in and said, “Although I divined that there won’t be any danger, I can’t see your fate in the end.  Remember to wear the Moon Cherry Blossom Robe, that way I’ll be assured.”

Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows.  She stepped on the Flashy Sword and grabbed his clothes, as a feeling filled her heart.

She wanted to stay by his side, always staying by the side of this youth who did things without ever telling her.

Sometimes this kind of obsession made people feel heart.

So shouldn’t she stay by his side and stay with him?

Snow Mountain peak.

This was her second time coming to this place.  Before she came up, Mo Bai Ci had put a light blue barrier around her.

Therefore she didn’t waste that much spiritual energy coming up the mountain.

It was just a bit cold……

The first time they came here, she had him by her side warming her up with spiritual energy, so she didn’t feel cold at all.

This time he wasn’t with her, so she felt waves of cold hitting her, crossing her skin and entering her heart.

Above her head were the stars and moon.

The little mushroom was inside an azure barrier, playing with the snow, looking quite happy.  In the snow next to it, there was a blue sparkling sword that was stabbed into the ground.

There was a familiar aura in the air, like an aura that had been by her side for a hundred years.

She walked to the little mushroom’s side and picked up the sword from the ground.  She knit her brows as she muttered, “Starlight Sword.”

After that, there was a figure that appeared behind her that suddenly hugged her.

Instantly she jumped back, lifting the Starlight Sword and slashing out.

There was a faint cherry blossom scent that filled the air, as cherry blossom petals fell on the wind.

She took a deep breath as she looked at the dark clothed person in front of her, “Li Jin Feng, it’s you?”

“Un.”  He unbuttoned his black scarf and had a helpless smile as he said, “What a pity, you are too strong.  I wanted to hug you one last time, but I couldn’t even do that.”

He really was unwilling, he truly was unwilling…..

If everything could happen again, he would definitely……protect this cherry blossom girl to the death.

Not giving anyone the tiniest bit of a chance……

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