Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 337

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Chapter 337: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 41)

“Mo Bai Ci!”  She bit her lip, almost shouting out these three words.

But the youth hugging her just calmly patted her on the back in a gentle manner and said in a soft voice, “But didn’t I not die?”

He indeed didn’t know that he would survive, but he knew that as long as he used his mortal body to block the three bolts of lightning from the Red Lotus Orb in the Unbounded Land, she would never encounter a heavenly disaster in her life.

So he thought that doing all of this was worth it.

She didn’t know why, but hearing his cold voice with a pampering tone to it, her tears couldn’t help falling down.

When people were in front of their most important person, they would reveal their most vulnerable side.

Facing Yan Ruo Yao, her eyes would never turn red.

Facing the Demon Monarch, she would never feel fear.

But when Mo Bai Ci was silently whispering in her ears, she felt like she wanted to cry.

Perhaps this is what one should feel when in front of the person they liked!

Luo Qing Chen brought Mo Bai Ci back to the Full Spirit County, going to the place she lived for a thousand years.

Mister Tanuki was talking about the battle between good and evil a few days ago and there were a few little spirits sitting in front of him, seriously listening to him.

“It’s said that, the Demon Monarch that the Void Residence’s number one ranked Destiny Master and the Thousand Year Old Cherry Blossom Spirit sealed a hundred years ago broke his seal and came back for his revenge!”  Mister Tanuki was drinking wine while telling this story.

“Mister, what happened next!”  A small fox raised his hand to ask, “Did they win?”

“I’ve heard the Demon Monarch was enraged and covered the Heaven Falling Continent with fire and thunder……”

“That’s right!  The sky suddenly became like that a few days ago and I was scared to death……”  Another fox demon cut off mister Tanuki’s story.

“Do you want to listen or not!  You’re not allowed to cut me off!”

“We do——”

Everyone was very enthusiastic, so mister Tanuki excitedly kept saying, “When the sky was covered in flames and thunder, while the Thousand Year Old Cherry Blossom Spirit was chanting the ancient sacrificial spell, a white clothed youth fell from the sky.  He was like a god, covered in the aura of an immortal.”

“Mister Tanuki, then did they beat the Demon Monarch?”

“Nonsense!  If they didn’t win, would you still be safe and listening to stories right now?”

“Dong——”  A big stone was thrown at mister Tanuki.

Looking over, there was a little mushroom demon wearing a flower skirt and a straw hat standing not far away.

“You……You liar!”  The little mushroom angrily put its hand at its waist as it said, “If big sister cherry blossom and big brother white clothes don’t come back, this little mushroom will destroy your story board!”

The hot tempered little mushroom stunned everyone listening to the story.

Normally this little mushroom wasn’t this overbearing!  Who had offended her?

“Little mushroom, why are you calling me a liar!”  Mister Tanuki shook his wine as he said, “This is all true!”

“You’ve never left the Full Spirit County, how could you know about the Word Tide Bay battle!  You, you, you…..you are a liar!” The little mushroom angrily stood up on a wood pile, as its round eyes filled with tears and it said, “If they won, why didn’t they come to find this little mushroom.”

“Che——”  Everyone clicked their tongues.

Everyone wanted to hear what it was saying, but they never thought that it was a crazy mushroom that liked speaking nonsense.

The honourable Thousand Year Old Cherry Blossom Spirit and the Destiny Master, how could they come looking for a little mushroom.  It was a lie no matter how they looked at it.

“I think they’ll be here for you soon!”  Mister Tanuki rubbed the colourful mushroom cap as he spoke with a smile.

It never thought that the entire crowd wouldn’t believe it.  Rather it was the storyteller who came out to support her.

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