Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 333

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Chapter 333: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 37)

After that, she jumped out.  The sky was filled with a strong cherry blossom scent as tens of thousands of petals filled the sky.

She raised the Flashy Sword as she jumped into the flames and thunder, becoming the center of attention for everyone in an instant.

“Ah!  You’re finally here.”  The Demon Monarch roared in an excited voice, as flames almost poured out of his eyes.

Rage, unwillingness, and hatred all mixed together.  There was a cold killing intent and a strong blood scent that filled the air.

If it wasn’t for her and Mo Bai Ci a hundred years ago, how could he, the honourable Demon Monarch of the Blood Demon Hall have been sealed in the Unbounded Land for a hundred years.

If it wasn’t for some powerful spiritual energy falling down and adding in the hundred year seal weakening, he wouldn’t have been able to escape the seal at all.

Now he finally had a chance to take revenge for what happened a hundred years ago!

“Father, please allow your son to go out for you!”  Su Qing Xie came forward with an expression of deep meaning on his face.

“Big brother Qing Xie, let me go with you.”  Meng Ling pursed her lips as she looked at him with worry.

Meng Ling was Eastern Mountain’s Lord Meng Mo’s only daughter, being Su Qing Xie’s playmate since he was young and being his future…..wife.

Their engagement was set by the Demon Monarch and Lord Meng Mo when they were born, being the darlings of the Demon World.


“Alright——”  When Su Qing Xie was going to deny her, the Demon Monarch roared out.  His eyes were filled with blood and happiness, “You two can dance together with your swords for father!”

Luo Qing Chen flicked her sleeve and her eyes were incomparably cold, as her lips opened slightly to say, “Come together.”

As soon as her voice fell, the Flashy Sword in her hand stabbed out at Su Qing Xie.  Although it was powerful, it wasn’t a fatal blow.

“Big brother Qing Xie, I’ll help you.”  Meng Ling shook her green bell and flew into the air.  The bell gave a crisp sound, sending people into a trance.

“Ding dang——”  Luo Qing Chen felt the sound of the bell pass through her defenses and reach her mind.

There seemed to be a fog that appeared in front of her eyes, like all kinds of illusions were surrounding her.

In the illusion, a breeze blew as a white clothed youth stood under a cherry blossom tree with his back to her.

That kind of peace, that kind of beauty……

“Don’t listen.”  Su Qing Xie saw her eyes glaze over and deliberately attacked in her direction, whispering these two words in her ear.

The sword in his right hand raised and cut a layer of skin off her wrist.  Fresh blood slowly poured out and filled her with a bit of pain.

Luo Qing Chen suddenly woke up and a light pink glow appeared on the fingertip of her right hand, flying out to attack Meng Ling’s spiritual weapon.

“Ding ling——”  The green bell was sent flying and the illusory world disappeared completely.

She slightly knit her brows, as she looked at Su Qing Xie in front of her with a gaze of confusion.

After that, before she could even react, Su Qing Xie had attacked in her direction, which she dodged with a soft step.

“Surrender!  You can’t beat father!”  In the flames and thunder, she heard Su Qing Xie’s anxious noise.  Even his moves became a bit chaotic.

In an instant, she knit her brows.  Her heart steeled and she raised her right hand, releasing the golden light of the Exquisite Ring.

“Peng——”  She broke Su Qing Xie’s defenses and landed a palm on his chest, only using half her spiritual energy.

It wasn’t light or heavy, but at least it stopped him from participating in the war.

“I don’t mind using the ancient sacrifice spell again.”  Her eyes narrowed as memories filled her mind, while cherry blossom petals surrounded her.

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