Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 332

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Chapter 332: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 36)

Shao Qing didn’t say anything, as he took the Flashy Sword off his back to give to her and said, “I think, he was most unwilling to leave you…..”

At that moment, tears fell down.

She took the Flashy Sword and tightly held it.  In short she felt that she could feel the faint aura he had left on the sword.

The little mushroom jumped out of Shao Qing’s embrace and the colourful mushroom head slowly rubbed against her leg as it said, “Big sister cherry blossom still has little mushroom……”

Shao Qing said with a sigh, “I’ll leave little mushroom to you.”

“Alright.”  She gave a slight nod in response.

After she bid farewell to Shao Qing, there were many things in her heart that wouldn’t calm down.

Was saving the world considered fulfilling his unfulfilled wish?

If it was, it wouldn’t be a hard thing for her to lay down her life to finish this for him.

But was his wish really this?

She had personally sealed the Demon Monarch a hundred years ago, naturally she could feel when he would break the seal.

Thousands of Spirit Spell Masters from the Void Residence gathered in the Word Tide Bay, they were bound to start a great war with the Blood Demon Hall.

When she arrived with the Flashy Sword in hand, the Demon Monarch had already broken the seal.  Blood flowed like a river in the Word Tide Bay, like it was a mountain covered in corpses.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha——”  A wild laughter rang out.  The Demon Monarch stood above the clouds with his red armour, watching over the sea of blood with those eyes that seemed to be an abnormal red colour and said, “This monarch urges you to give up this useless resistance, this world belongs to our Blood Demon Hall.”

“Overly arrogant.”  The Star Monarch led the Spirit Spell Masters of the Void Residence to desperately fight back.

Su Qing Xie was standing by the Demon Monarch.  A bit of panic filled his eyes when he saw the cherry blossom coloured figure among the thousands of people.

Not seeing, but still thinking about her.

Seeing her and feeling worried.

Then it was better to not see her!

The powerful red energy slammed down onto the light blue barrier that the Void Residence had created.

Again and again, this large sound reverberated in everyone’s ears.

The barrier kept shrinking and it became weaker and weaker after each fierce attack.

“Today……Even if this old man dies here, I will bring you along with me.”  The Star Monarch flew out and used all his spiritual energy to form his strongest barrier, as he charged forward to attack the Demon Monarch.

The Demon Monarch revealed an incredibly evil smile, as he turned into dark red smoke, charging out in the direction of the Star Monarch.

“Peng, peng——”  A powerful shockwave came from the sky.

The Star Monarch slowly fell down from the sky lying flat, completely covered in blood.

“Star Monarch——”  Several Void Residence disciples quickly came forward to support him back into the barrier.

After that, blood red light scattered all around the Demon Monarch.  He looked down at everyone below with an evil smile as he said, “Since you’re not willing to fall, then you can say goodbye to this world!”

After saying this, the sky changed and clouds covered the sky, turning everything blood red.

“Hong long——”  Large amounts of flames and thunder fell down from the sky.

The entire area became like hell on earth.

Luo Qing Chen hidden away tightly knit her brows.  She looked up at the dark sky, looking at the flames and thunder.

In that instant, she remembered the Unbounded Land from back then.

Perhaps there were some things that ended where they started.

Her heart didn’t care about the world and the people, but if he wanted to protect this world, she would do her best to fulfill his wishes.

Instantly, the girl in the cherry blossom coloured robe touched her chest, softly touching the Moon Cherry Blossom Robe the youth made, as a look of determination filled her eyes.

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