Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 331

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Chapter 331: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 35)

She walked in front of Yan Ruo Yao with soft steps and stepped on the blood she spat out.  She looked down at her and said, “Then you’ll be buried with him!”

“I……”  Yan Ruo Yao glared at her, vomiting blood while saying her final words in a hoarse voice.

“I…..even if…..I become a ghost……I won’t let you off.”

“If you become a ghost, you’ll be even weaker than you as a half human half demon.”

After saying this, she turned and flicked her sleeve, not looking back once.

Her heart wasn’t filled with any satisfaction or joy, rather it was just blank like something important was missing.

She searched the Dead Soul Sea Pond for ten days, neither finding Mo Bai Ci or Li Jin Feng.

Only when the light blue light around her had completely disappeared did she wander out of this place covered in red lotuses like a living corpse.

She didn’t return to the Void Residence, rather she returned to the Full Spirit County’s Hot Spring Inn.

The place where she first met him.

Perhaps this way she could still feel that that person would return to the Void Residence.

Perhaps he was still alive…..

Time passed very quickly and half a year passed in the blink of an eye.

The thing she did most every day was sit in the tavern and listen to mister Tanuki talk about matters of the Heaven Falling Continent.

“Half a year ago, the world changed.  Good and evil fought a bloody battle in the Unbounded Land of the Dead Soul Sea Pond.  It’s said that they fought for eighty one days and finally the Void Residence’s Destiny Master and our Full Spirit County’s Lord Cherry Blossom Spirit joined hands to gain a great victory!”

“And then, and then!”  A group of small leopards asked with excited looks in their eyes.

“And then…..”  Mister Tanuki took a swig of his wine while slowly saying, “Of course they fell in love and chose to live in the mountains, living the life of an immortal.”

After hearing this, her lips curled slightly to reveal a faint smile.

If it was like what the storytelling tanuki said, how good that would be.

She didn’t keep listening and slowly stood up, preparing to leave.

“Big sister cherry blossom.”  A familiar voice filled her ears.

Turning around, she saw someone who she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Shao Qing and the little mushroom.

“Miss Luo.”  Shao Qing was carrying the little mushroom as he came forward.  There was a faint spring like glow in his eyes as he looked at her and said, “Long time no see.”

“Un.”  She gave a soft response, as she suppressed all the thoughts in her mind.

Sometimes the pain and thoughts hidden deep in her heart would surge forward because she had seen an acquaintance they knew in the past.

“Miss Luo, there was a strange sign with the Stargazing Platform of the Void Residence……”  Shao Qing said with a frown, “The little mushroom said that you would probably be here, so I came to test my luck.”

“Strange sign?”  Her clear eyes lit up and she held her breath as she said, “He…..”

“It’s unrelated to him.”  Shao Qing cut her off to say, “The Demon Monarch’s seal is probably about to break.”

Luo Qing Chen heard this.  She bit her lip and looked at him with sparkling eyes as she said, “What did you come find me for?”

“The Star Monarch said……a hundred years ago……”

“Sorry, in my heart, there is no world.”  Her cold eyes looked at Shao Qing, treating every word like a gem.

She already used her life to save the world, now she no longer had the strength to do the same.

Perhaps it was selfishness or pettiness, everyone had the right to choose their own lives.

It’s like those people who claimed they were righteous sent someone to find her when the enemy had appeared.

Could it be that they weren’t selfish?

After a while, Shao Qing revealed a faint smile and said, “You and him are really similar.”

“So……”  She took a deep breath and pursed her lips as she said, “Did he come back?”

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