Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 33)

Sorry Luo Qing Chen, my heart never had the world or the people.

It always only had you…….

Bottomless abyss, no difference between life and death.

She closed her eyes and felt the power of her body condensing, like she was breaking a giant seal.  She was filled with that kind of warmth.

Her mind was filled with the scenes of the Word Tide Bay battle from a hundred years ago.

The sky was filled with cherry blossoms, covering half the sky, causing it to dim.

It was the righteous battle of guarding the Full Spirit Country, which should have been a hard battle alone.

But she never thought that this white clothed youth would suddenly appear, reversing everything.

He was the number one Spirit Spell Master of the Void Residence and the only Destiny Master of the Heaven Falling Continent, Mo Bai Ci.

That day, his clothes were as white as snow and his face seemed to be a reflection on the mist.  The only thing that could be seen was his ink like hair that flowed in the wind, as he raised his hand to form a picturesque scene.

She was a bit stunned, not knowing who this youth was or where he came from.

All she knew was that he stood in this half light half dark barrier, looking incredibly good.

The Demon Monarch couldn’t take it in the end and took out the Red Lotus Orb to die with the world.

Mo Bai Ci wanted to sacrifice his life to stop it, but he found that the cherry blossom petals that filled the sky mesmerized him.

After that, before he could even react.

That young girl in the snow cherry blossom robes had already chanted the ancient sacrificial spell, as a dazzling white light cut through the sky.

Cherry blossoms rained down as the youth tightly knit his brows and lost all consciousness.

As memories churned in her mind, a large amount of spiritual energy gathered in her.

There was a stream of hot blood that filled her, as a cherry blossom glow sparkled around her.

“Peng——”  In an instant, all the spiritual energy gathered at the crown of her head.  She tightly knit her brows as she used all her power to break the barrier

She suddenly opened her eyes and found that she was in the center of the Dead Soul Sea Pond.

There was no one around her, there were just faint traces of light blue spiritual energy that surrounded her.

Luo Qing Chen felt her breath stop and she said without a sound, “Mo Bai Ci……”

She looked around her, this place should be the real world.

So the red and blue barrier at the top of the red lotus vines was not the secret realm that connected to the outside world.

The real tunnel was the giant bottomless abyss they fell in.

Only with sacrifice could one not die.

“I never thought that you would find the secret realm!”  Yan Ruo Yao’s voice came from not far away. As the little demon that protected the Unbounded Land, she was the only person who could casually come out.

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows.  Her long moon white robe was already soaked in blood.

At this moment, her eyes were filled with a death like determination.

She tightly gritted her fists and her strength was so powerful that all the strange red lotuses around them began to lose their colour.

She turned around and her eyes were filled with a murderous chill.  She looked up at Yan Ruo Yao in front of her and said, “And now?”

“Now?”  Yan Ruo Yao’s red lips curled as her eyes filled with a blood red colour.  She slightly raised the blood red Empty Spirit Sword as she looked at her and said, “Next year on this day will be your death anniversary, alright?”

As soon as her voice fell, she jumped out with her sword pointed at Luo Qing Chen, bringing with it anger and killing intent.

“Peng, peng——”  There was only a giant sound.

The young girl flicked her sleeve and a powerful spiritual energy sent Yan Ruo Yao flying.

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