Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 4)

“Who has made our young miss angry?”  Tang Yu rubbed Qian Fei Fei’s head as he asked in a gentle voice.

He and Qian Fei Fei were childhood friends, he had liked her since they was young.  He liked her zither playing and her proud appearance.

But he knew that she had never fallen in love with him.

Over time, he didn’t know it was still love or if it was his habit of guarding someone.

“Tang Yu, let me tell you, you can’t look at Luo Qing Chen in the future otherwise I’ll end it with you.”  Qian Fei Fei forcefully broke away from Tang Yu’s hand softly rubbing her head and said this with a fierce look!

Qian Fei Fei thought: Luo Qing Chen, if you have the skills to act arrogant, then act arrogant!  You know that your male god only loves me, what can you do to not be my follower. So what if you look a bit pretty, you think this is a world that only relies on faces?

“Alright, alright, alright, you are my princess, what you say counts.”  Tang Yu awkwardly took back his hand as he said with a full smile, “Then again, I’ve never looked at her anyway.”

System, system, can you tell me where Su Liang Chen is right now?

She went to the school gates as soon as classes were over.  In the end, she didn’t see her male lead and instead met those two idiots.

Oh, that’s wrong, it’s three!

[At the corner of the alley, in the 90° Cafe.  The male lead works part time there for an hour after school is over.]

Ah?  Why is it only an hour!

[Because the cafe was opened by his aunt.  He is also waiting for his little brother to get out of school.]

Oh, I see!  The system really understands the most!


But speaking of this, one couldn’t blame her.

One could only blame the fact that the cannon fodder interacted with the male lead too little!

Luo Qing Chen changed her direction and headed towards the 90° Cafe!

No matter how hard getting this male lead was, she still had to take the first step!

Having the affection stuck at zero wasn’t a method!

The 90° Cafe was in the corner of an alley near the school, it was a very elegant cafe.

There were wind chimes that rang when she came in and there was a rich coffee smell permeating the air.

She sat down in a spot near the window and silently watched Su Liang Chen making coffee behind the counter.

It’s said that all men who worked hard were the most handsome, Su Liang Chen wasn’t an exception!

The white cuffed shirt and the clean uniform, his white skin, and that handsome face with a bit of indifference to it.

His slender fingers slid across the coffee cups.  His actions exuded a cold elegance and he let out a cold aura that made strangers unable to approach.

“Student!  What will this student have?”  It was unknown how many people came to stare at their male god, it really was troublesome.

Luo Qing Chen was pulled back to her senses by this sharp voice and she looked up to see the waitress.

Her eyes were filled with impatience and her lips were slightly curled, like someone owned her millions.

“Eh, give me a cup of Blue Mountain.”

[TL Note: A high quality coffee from Jamaica.]

“Ha, what?”  The waitress knit her brows as if she had heard wrong.  She casually wrote two pinyin on the order ticket and walked over to the counter.

Luo Qing Chen eyes slightly lit up and her lips had a faint smile.

She watched the waitress whisper into Su Liang Chen’s ears with an infatuated look.

Luo Qing Chen thought: There should be first contact.

[Girls who know how to plot are truly terrifying!]  The system’s abrupt words scared her.

Don’t secretly listen to other people’s thoughts!  Just wait to see how my affection increases later on!

Luo Qing Chen looked away and took out a notebook from her bag.  She placed the elegantly written notes that even she couldn’t understand on the table.

A warm wind blew over her and she blinked.  Her skin was as white as snow and her eyes were as clear as water.

She knew that that person was currently slowly moving towards her.

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