Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 20)

The one who came out was an old man in a tattered robe.  Although his hair was completely white, his eyes were very bright and clear.

He took a few steps forward and when he saw Mo Bai Ci, he directly kneeled down.

In that instant, everyone around them took a breath of cold air.

The Master Void that everyone praised, towards a youth that didn’t even seem like he was twenty……

He was actually kneeling down!

“Let’s go in and speak.”  Mo Bai Ci leaned over and picked him up before heading into the temple.

He left behind all the shocked commoners who hadn’t recovered yet.

“Sir Bai Ci……”  Inside the temple, the Void Master looked like he was about to cry.  He never thought that he would see him again in his life, after an entire hundred and twenty one years.

Only after did Luo Qing Chen know that back then Mo Bai Ci saved a seven year old child, giving him a pill and teaching him some spirit spells that allowed him to have more power and vitality than others.

It was another lonely and cold night.  There were many rooms in the Peace Temple, so he didn’t need to sleep in the same room as her.

Without knowing why, there was a strange emotion that appeared in his heart.

Could it be that this was the so called disappointment?

This was his first time feeling this emotion and he really didn’t like it.

They thought that Li Jin Feng would arrive earlier since they left early, but they never thought that they would only see them rushing in the next morning.

Their faces were completely pale and they were trembling, like they had stepped out a thousand year old ice prison.

“Apologies sir Bai Ci, we’re late.”  Li Jin Feng was no matter what was still the third ranked Spirit Spell Master of the Void Residence, even after several years of being idle, he still had some understanding of important matters.

Yan Ruo Yao unwillingly bowed her head, but she didn’t say anything.

Mo Bai Ci calmly looked over them, “If we set off today, your bodies can’t take it and won’t be able to go.”

“I can do it.”  Li Jin Feng slightly pursed his lips as a determined look flashed in his eyes.

He didn’t add ‘us’, meaning that if Yan Ruo Yao didn’t want to go, it wasn’t related to him.

For a Spirit Spell Master of the Void Residence, being able to participate in searching for the sacred object was a high honour.

For Yan Ruo Yao whose heart only cared about face and appearance, she didn’t understand him at all.

She just wanted to be ahead of Mo Bai Ci, not caring about the danger of passing through the Snow Mountains, just to satisfy her own vanity.

But how could she know that with his spiritual energy, it was impossible for them to pass through the Snow Mountains.

The two wasted all their energy and spent double the time to pass through the Snow Mountains.

And she didn’t care about him at all, rather she kept urging him to go faster and calling him useless.

This was Yan Ruo Yao, his past life’s lover, the lover he searched hundreds of years for in this life.

They were lovers in their past life, so they were also bound in this life.

But why did his heart keep thinking of the girl who spent a hundred years with him, happily passing their time together.

She cared about his every action, caring about everything about him.

But now, they were getting further and further apart.  She was no longer the little cherry blossom demon who followed by his side.

“I…..I’ll go as well.”  Yan Ruo Yao gritted her teeth and forced out these words with difficulty.

This was a chance, her chance.  How could she be willing to stop in a place like this.

No, definitely not……

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