Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 315

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Chapter 315: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 19)

The blue sky without a single cloud matched the ground below, as the endless mountains were covered in white snow.

After that, the sky changed as it created beams of white light.  There were clouds of different colours that kept changing. Some were silver, some had strange glows that masked the light of the stars and moon, and some were very light like streamers made of light.

The beautiful and ever changing display made Luo Qing Chen freeze on the spot, forgetting where she was, forgetting who she was with.

She just knew that she was surrounded by this magnificent sight.  On these snow capped mountains, she saw this scene that she had never seen before.

“How did you find such a beautiful place?”  Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint sweet smile as she looked over at Mo Bai Ci who had his hands crossed.

Mo Bai Ci looked over at her when he heard this and said, “Many years ago, I specially came to this place to find a material for the Moon Cherry Blossom Robe and found this place.”

“It really is beautiful.”  Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she looked at the beautiful sky and her lips curled into a faint smile.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 60%.]

Using 30% of his spiritual energy to fly up the mountain in exchange for a smile for her, it really seemed worth it.

He just wanted to share it with her, the place he considered the most beautiful in the world.

“I thought that you wanted to take a shortcut to pass them.”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help feeling satisfied when she heard the system telling her about the affection increase.

He really was a strange person.  He always had a calm face, putting everything in his heart.

Bad at expressions and speaking, only being cold and proud.

No one knew what he was thinking and no one knew that under his cold and proud appearance, his heart actually burned passionately.

“Fool, they just went two hours early.”  Mo Bai Ci revealed a faint smile and raised the Flashy Sword as he said, “They couldn’t beat us even if they traveled all night.”

“So our sir Bai Ci has this kind of confidence!”

“Just a bit.”

On the peak of the Snow Mountains, the snow scattered and she didn’t feel cold at all.

She looked at the youth in front of her with serious eyes.  He was wearing a moon white robe with his hands crossed. He turned to look at her eyes and his lips revealed a ghost of a smile.

The rest stop this time was a temple that was hidden deep in the mountains.  After they passed through the mountains behind the temple, they could reach the Dead Soul Sea Pond.

As Mo Bai Ci expected, they indeed arrived ahead of Li Jin Feng who set out earlier.

As expected……

Having high attainments in spirit spells was having confidence.

This temple was called the ‘Peace Temple’, it was a temple filled with incense in the middle of the mountain.  The only famous part about this temple was that the abbot Master Void was a famous expert.

There were many people who came, but Master Void didn’t see many people each day.  It isn’t those who arrive first who could see him, but rather it depended on fate.

Mo Bai Ci landed in this secret land and walked towards the temple with Luo Qing Chen following behind him.


“Hey, who are you two?  Master Void is no longer seeing guests today, please go back!”  The two monks at the door stopped them.

The surrounding people heard this and came closer.

“These two people are just outsiders, they don’t understand the rules at all!”

“That’s right!  Scram, scram, scram, the master isn’t seeing guests anymore today, he needs to rest.”

“The two are this young, they are probably here to find Master Void to divine their marriage, it really is a waste of the master’s time!”


Everyone kept accusing them of various things like they were a possessed crowd.

Mo Bai Ci didn’t say anything and calmly looked at the door in front of him.

After that, the large doors were slowly opened.

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