Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 15)

His brows tightly knit and his eyes sparkled as he looked at the Star Monarch that understood him the most while saying, “It seems like if I don’t find the Starlight Sword, you won’t easily let me…..or my heart go?”

“You’re joking, we’ve been together for this long already.  If you can find the Starlight Sword, I won’t make you stay in the Void Residence.”  The Star Monarch was the person who understood Mo Bai Ci the best in this world, he knew that he didn’t want any fame and didn’t want to stay in the Void Residence.

“The ancient divine weapon recognizes masters, the Exquisite Ring is the same.  The Heaven Falling Continent is this big, it won’t be easy to find it.” The pink figure suddenly flashed in his mind and his eyes weren’t as cold anymore.

“The last place the Starlight Sword appeared was in Dead Soul Sea Pond.  If you look in that direction, you should find something.” The Star Monarch looked at his thoughtful eyes and seized this chance to ask the doubt that he had for the last century, “Perhaps others don’t understand you, but I do.  I’ve always been very curious, why did the Destiny Master who doesn’t care about the world fight against the Demon Monarch at Word Tide Bay a hundred years ago?”

Mo Bai Ci heard this and his body trembled.  He suddenly felt that leaving this Star Monarch that had been with him for so long was a good thing.

At least there was no one that could see through his heart.

“As for the Starlight Sword, I know and I will bring it back to the Void Residence, but it is only the sword and not me.”

“Ai, you really are unforgiving.”  The Star Monarch pretended to have a displeased look as he said, “Do you need a helper?  If you just bring a small cherry blossom demon, I won’t feel assured.”

The ancient divine weapon, the Exquisite Ring recognized a master, so other than Luo Qing Chen using it, they wouldn’t be able to find the Starlight Sword.

So, she had to go.  This was one of the reasons why Mo Bai Ci was hesitant to agree.

The Star Monarch just wanted to ask casually since with Mo Bai Ci’s power, a helper was equal to a burden.

But he never thought that he would actually ask for people!

“Other than the owner of the Exquisite Ring, I want two others.”  Mo Bai Ci’s eyes sparkled, but different emotions could be seen in them.


“Li Jin Feng and Yan Ruo Yao.”

Hall of Wisdom.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know how she got in bed, but it was already morning when she woke up.

Mo Bai Ci wasn’t there like usual and Shao Qing was playing with the little mushroom.

She placed the moon white robe in front of Shao Qing and asked with a serious expression, “These clothes, where did they actually come from?”

“What origin could they have!  They are just a normal set of clothes!”  Shao Qing’s eyes slightly looked away and his voice was a bit avoidant.

“You think I won’t know if you don’t say it?”

“I…..”  Shao Qing hesitated a bit.  His master had never done something like this before, so this little cherry blossom demon must be a special person for him.

Then, she should know what his master did for her.

“Speak!”  Luo Qing Chen saw him hesitate and quickly kept asking, not giving him a chance at all.

“Alright, alright, alright, I’ll speak.”  Shao Qing looked at Luo Qing Chen and said each word honestly, “These clothes are called the Moon Cherry Blossom Robe, they were made by master Bai Ci during his hundred year isolation in the Spirit Tiger Mountain, so they were refined for a hundred years.  Although I don’t know why he made these female clothes, the uses of these clothes are not normal.”

A hundred years ago, wasn’t it after the battle of Word Tide Bay?

“Tell me the important part!”

“The first person to wear these clothes will become their master.  Any spiritual energy that hits the clothes, the effects will be sent to master Bai Ci.”  Shao Qing looked at her confused eyes and kept explaining, “In other words, he will take all the damage that falls onto the person wearing this Moon Cherry Blossom Robe.”

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