Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 14)

“How is this possible?”  Yan Ruo Yao’s eyes were completely red, as she looked at little cherry blossom demon in front of her in complete disbelief.

Didn’t Luo Qing Chen take a palm from her?  How could she still use such powerful spiritual energy……

A cold wind blew across the stage, as a soft mist surrounded it.

In that instant, everyone was looking at Luo Qing Chen.

From the cultivators who had laughed at her to the little demons that had taunted her, as well as……

Li Jin Feng who had pampered her for a hundred years……

He was sitting under the stage looking up at Luo Qing Chen on it.  His eyes were filled with complicated emotions, like there was a flower called jealousy that bloomed in his heart without stopping.

But Luo Qing Chen at this moment had her eyes on Mo Bai Ci.  Although she didn’t know what kind of thing he did to the clothes she was wearing, it definitely was related to him.

“You’re just not as good, what is impossible about it?”  She gave a soft snort as a faint cherry blossom scent filled the air.

She flicked her sleeve and jumped down from the stage to return the Adoring Glow Sword back to Jiang Yun Yun as she said, “Thank you for your sword.”

After saying this, she just left a pink figure and scattered into cherry blossoms.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 40%.]

This affection……

Yan Ruo Yao tightly gritted her fists as a pair of bloody eyes stared at her back without blinking.

A lowly demon that stole a hundred years of her happiness, she actually shamed her in front of all these people of the Void Residence.

She definitely……had to make her pay……

Luo Qing Chen would never know that she would be someone who created a storm in the Void Residence overnight.

Although because Mo Bai Ci brought her back, she was already someone talked about.

But someone talked about and someone who created a storm was completely different.

A trivial cherry blossom demon had defeated the number seventh Spirit Spell Master of the Void Residence, this was definitely a large matter.

Hall of Wisdom.

Luo Qing Chen held the moon white clothes and wanted to wait until Mo Bai Ci to come back to ask him what it was.

But after waiting for a long time, he never came back.  She slowly fell asleep in the main hall and someone softly lifted her up, carrying her to the bed in the side hall.

Mo Bai Ci sat beside the bed, watching her sleeping face.  What slowly passed in his mind was what the Star Monarch had talked to him about today.

“Bai Ci, that is the ancient divine weapon, the Exquisite Ring, I didn’t make a mistake.”  In the Star Monarch Hall, the Star Monarch stroked his beard as he looked at Mo Bai Ci with a serious face and said, “It is the only way to sense the sacred item of the Void Residence which is also a divine weapon, the Starlight Sword.”

“What do you want to say?”  Mo Bai Ci’s brows slightly knit, he clearly didn’t want to keep listening.

“Bai Ci, I know that although you are the only Destiny Master chosen by the Stellar God in the last thousand years, you don’t care about worldly matters at all…..”  The Star Monarch gave a sigh before continuing, “The Starlight Sword is the sacred object of the Void Residence, but it was lost in the great war with the Demon Race, which has been a thousand years.  But now there is finally a chance to find it, I still hope that……”

“Destiny returns and fate calculates.  You know that my heart doesn’t care about the world.”  Mo Bai Ci’s eyes softly sparkled, as faint waves rippled in those dark eyes that weren’t easy to see.

Yes, although he had a high mastery of spirit spells, he was different from the other Spirit Spell Masters who used it to save the people of the world.

Perhaps it was because he could calculate each person’s future, so he knew that there were set events that couldn’t be forced.

“I used to think that your heart was a locked empty space and it could contain nothing.”  The Star Monarch looked into his eyes and he revealed a faint smile as he said, “But now, I don’t think it’s the same.”

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