Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 12)

“It would have been fine if your senior sister just gave up.  If her falling down was fake and she attacked me from behind, wouldn’t I have fallen for it?”  Yan Ruo Yao gave a cold snort before righteously saying, “The spirit spell conference has the chance of being hurt, if you’re scared, don’t sign up next year.”

“You……You’re clearly distorting right and wrong!”  Chang Hai’s eyes were filled with rage as he looked at her, “She was in front of you, how could she have suddenly attacked you from behind!”

Yan Ruo Yao narrowed her cold eyes and looked around to say, “Spirit spells are unpredictable, in the blink of an eye, who knew where she could have been?”

Everyone watching looked at each other in blank dismay, but no one said a thing.  Yan Ruo Yao was still the seventh ranked Spirit Spell Master of the Void Residence, so in a match between experts, one couldn’t look down on their opponents at all.

She didn’t take Jiang Yun Yun’s life, so she didn’t go against the rules of the spirit spell conference.


After that, a soft voice rang out that shocked everyone present.

“This little mushroom saw——”

“Shua——”  Everyone’s gaze swept through the nine stands to look in Luo Qing Chen’s direction.

The little mushroom nervously shrank back and muttered in a small voice, “Big sister cherry blossom, did I say something wrong…..”


Before Luo Qing Chen could even react, an azure light had already pulled the little mushroom out of Luo Qing Chen’s grasp.

She reacted quickly and instantly stood up.  She used all her spiritual energy to hold onto the little mushroom in the air, throwing it in the direction of Shao Qing.

The purple cherry blossom spiritual energy clashed with the azure light.  Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows as she jumped out, landing in the center of the stage.

“Ai, isn’t this the trash that stole my identity for a hundred years.”  Yan Ruo Yao narrowed her eyes, as she looked at her with disdain and said, “Don’t you feel ashamed?”

If one talked about hatred, Yan Ruo Yao’s most hated person was without a doubt Luo Qing Chen.

This trash cherry blossom demon, based on what could she replace her and receive a hundred years of pampering!

“Little cherry blossoms spirit, you…..you aren’t…..her match, don’t go……”  Jiang Yun Yun had tightly knit brows and her face was as white as paper, but she didn’t forget to warn Luo Qing Chen on the stage.

After all, if it wasn’t for Chang Hai starting this situation, she wouldn’t have been facing Yan Ruo Yao right now to save her mushroom.

Luo Qing Chen looked at Jiang Yun Yun and said with a slight nod, “It’s fine.”

She couldn’t defeat Yan Ruo Yao in terms of spirit spells, but she had the Exquisite Ring, so everything was uncertain.

“Ha, ha——”  Yan Ruo Yao gave two laughs into the sky before looking at Luo Qing Chen and saying, “You are just a small cherry blossom demon, but your tone is quite large.  I wonder if you don’t know who I am or if you think you’re powerful!”

“Although I don’t know how strong you are, but your mouth is quite strong.”  She gave a cold laugh before looking at Yan Ruo Yao and saying, “Don’t talk if you can move your hands, alright?”

“You……”  Yan Ruo Yao gritted her teeth.  She first looked at the judges and seeing that the Star Monarch and Mo Bai Ci didn’t have any reactions, she said with a smile, “Don’t regret it.”

After saying this, she raised the Empty Spirit Sword.  She was covered in azure light as she used all her spirit spells to attack Luo Qing Chen.

“Guang dang——”  She knit her brows and did all she could to avoid all the attacks.

Although her spiritual energy was weak, she didn’t forget her moves.  The original host was a Thousand Year Old Cherry Blossom Spirit, so it was quite easy to dodge a few attacks.

After a hundred rounds, Yao Ruo Yao wasn’t at an advantage.

Her eyes turned fierce and when she attacked Luo Qing Chen, there was a white powder that came out of her sleeve.

Luo Qing Chen’s heart skipped a beat.  She had nowhere to dodge, either taking a palm from Yan Ruo Yao or she would be hit by the white powder. 

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