Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 11)

The next morning, it was the ‘spirit spell conference’ held every hundred years.  Every person of the Void Residence, no matter what branch they were, they would use all their strength in this conference.

When she went out, Shao Qing gave her a moon white robe and said that she had to wear it.

She naturally knew that it was from Mo Bai Ci, so she didn’t reject it.

These clothes looked very normal, but when her hand touched it, she could feel an abnormal spiritual energy.

It was faint and had a familiar aura.

The spirit spell conference was starting at three in the afternoon and Mo Bai Ci as a judge couldn’t sit with her.

Rather the one beside her was the little mushroom’s favourite Shao Qing.

“Yeah, little mushroom likes Shao Qing the best.”

Luo Qing Chen heard this and gave the little mushroom to Shao Qing as she said, “Then you can just have Shao Qing carry you!”

“No, no——”  The little mushroom struggled to return to Luo Qing Chen’s embrace before shyly saying, “I like big sister cherry blossom.”

“You’re just afraid of heat!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a soft laugh as she said her thoughts.

The sun was shining bright today and it was very hot.

She had the Ice Soul Jade, so naturally was releasing a cold breeze, so she didn’t feel as warm.

“Next is the Spirit Sound Hall’s Yan Ruo Yao versus Battle Jade Palace’s Jiang Yun Yun.”

The sound of the referee cultivator’s voice made Luo Qing Chen’s smile slowly freeze.

Finally she was seeing the supporting female lead.

Yan Ruo Yao was wearing a water blue robe, holding the Empty Spirit Sword as she walked onto the stage.  She slightly looked up to reveal her proud and cold eyes, as well as a faint smile on her lips.

She was born quite good, with white skin and a rich figure.  Her eyes shone like stars and her face created a seductive image.

No wonder Li Jin Feng never forgot her, waiting for an entire life.

But could a promise of the past life really mean love in this world?

Luo Qing Chen gave a soft snort as she watched the fight on the stage with narrowed eyes.

“Jiang Yun Yun is outside the top hundred on the Spirit Spell Master ranking, so she definitely isn’t a match for Yan Ruo Yao.”  Shao Ying’s voice sounded beside her, making her narrow her eyes.

If her memories weren’t wrong, Yan Ruo Yao should be seventh on the Spirit Spell Master rankings.

This Jiang Yun Yun’s luck at the draw was really bad.

Before she could think about it, there was a fierce battle in the center of the stage.  Although Jiang Yun Yun couldn’t compare in terms of spirit spells, her sword techniques were better.

After all, Jiang Yun Yun was the only descendant of the Sword Immortal Nine Songs, but she didn’t have enough talent and wasn’t that skilled in spirit spells.

After over ten moves, Jiang Yun Yun couldn’t block Yan Ruo Yao’s fierce attacks and was pushed back.

“Guang dang——”  With a clear sound, the sword in Jiang Yun Yun’s hands were sent flying.

She jumped up, trying to keep balanced and land safely.

But she never thought that Yan Ruo Yao would raise the Empty Spirit Sword while chanting.  A faint azure light gathered in her palm before slapping Jiang Yun Yun down.

In an instant, everyone took a cold breath.

“Ah——”  Jiang Yun Yun was injured by Yan Ruo Yao’s palm force and lost her balance, slamming to the ground.  She spat out a large mouthful of blood.

Another disciple from the Battle Jade Palace charged forward and caught Jiang Yun Yun as he roared out, “My senior sister had already lost, is there a need to be this hard handed?”

Yan Ruo Yao’s slap was something that every Spirit Spell Master could see, it had scattered ten years of Jiang Yun Yun’s cultivation.

Moreover, Jiang Yun Yun would have to close up to heal her wounds, so it wasn’t as simple as ten years of cultivation.

This Yan Ruo Yao really was fierce……

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  1. Supporting female lead is already showing her despicable character. If it were only to LQC, I’d kind of understand. But this was not necessary. I bet things won’t last long between her and her LJF.

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