Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 10)

“It was this little mushroom who ran off!”  The little mushroom looked at Qin Yue and rubbed its mushroom cap with broken skin before saying, “Humph!  Letting bad people take advantage of the situation!”

Mo Bai Ci rubbed the mushroom’s head and said, “Go back and have Shao Qing apply some medicine.”

“Ya, big brother Shao Qing!”  The little mushroom’s eyes turned into a sliver with happiness, as its lips curled, as if forgetting about its pain.

“Sir Bai Ci, I’ve heard manager Shao say that the Hall of Wisdom wouldn’t send a single person tomorrow to the spirit spell conference.  I wonder, is sir Bai Ci is busy or have you forgotten this matter?” Li Jin Feng narrowed his brows. When he said these words, he was a bit regretful.

He was just a bit dissatisfied in his heart.

A hundred years of happiness and in just three months, why did he feel that this little cherry blossom demon was so far away from him?

“Worthless undeserved fame.”  His face was calm, but his eyes were cold as he looked at Li Jin Feng and said, “I never needed it.”

In that moment, the clear blue sky was covered in clouds and white mist spread, creating strong gales.

“Sir Bai Ci please forgive me, Jin Feng has been rude.”  Li Jin Feng’s expression changed and he quickly kneeled down as he said, “I hope sir will not put this to heart.”

The gust around them didn’t stop because Li Jin Feng kneeled and the temperature dropped, as ice formed in the air.

In just a few seconds, there were white snowflakes that fell.

On the entire Heaven Falling Continent, other than Mo Bai Ci, no one else could do this.

Li Jin Feng was still kneeling as a faint azure light scattered from him, using his spiritual energy to fight the cold.

But it was still cold……

Qin Yue was already trembling, as her teeth kept chattering and her lips gradually turned purple.

Mo Bai Ci stood there with his hands crossed, as ice cold aura came from him and his eyes were completely cold.  He looked at Li Jin Feng, as his heart filled with a bit of dissatisfaction.

No, it was filled with dissatisfaction.

He had visited the Star Monarch Hall this morning and had heard the hundred year matter between her and Li Jin Feng.  He really couldn’t stand listening to it.

And he could feel that this person’s eyes was not completely filled with her.

After a while, snowflakes filled the sky and it was the first snow storm in a hundred years for the Void Residence.


“Achoo!”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t adapt to the sudden drop in temperature and felt her body being hit by the cold.

Although there was a warm current from Mo Bai Ci that was resisting the cold.

It was still——




After that, the clouds scattered and the snow storm stopped.

“Is it cold?”  He looked at her with a gaze of worry.

He thought that he could secretly stop her from feeling cold with his spiritual energy, but he never thought that she would still be cold.

Luo Qing Chen shook her head as she said, “It’s not cold now.”

“Un.”  He nodded as he looked at her with sparkling eyes, “Let’s go back.  Shao Qing made some sweets, you should like them.”

“Yeah!  This mushroom loves eating sweets——”

“I think that you like mushroom flavoured sweets!”

“Why does big sister cherry blossom like to scare this little mushroom!”

“Because you are cute, hee, hee……”


Laughing like this, the white clothed youth silently stayed by their side, feeling quite satisfied with this.

This scene was quiet and peaceful, like no one could disrupt this beauty.

Li Jin Feng saw this scene and waves surged in his heart, not quieting down for a long time.

It was like something had changed in him unknowingly a long time ago.

And he only learned about it now.

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