Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 6)

After the welcome ceremony was over, this little cherry blossom demon Luo Qing Chen became the talk of the Void Residence.

Although she had always been a topic for the Void Residence!

But this time…..

The male lead had changed!

It went from the third ranked Spirit Spell Master Li Jin Feng to the Heaven Master that was only below one Mo Bai Ci!

“Damn, isn’t that little demon the trash that appeared a hundred years ago and stole big sister Yao’s identity?”

“That’s right!  It’s her! I’ve heard that big sister Yao was kind enough to let her leave!  I never thought that in just three months, she would hook sir Bai Ci! Demons really do have their tricks.”


There were people who talked nonsense, not caring about black and white and only thinking that the righteous person was right!

“Bai Ci, this is my first time seeing you bring little demons to the Void Residence.”  In the maple forest, the Star Monarch was playing go with him when he suddenly thought of this gossip.

“Un, they are still small.”  He put down his white piece as a faint glow appeared in his deep eyes.

“You know that I didn’t mean that.”  The Star Monarch stroked his white beard ad said, “This change with your eyes, I’ve only seen it once a hundred years ago.”

“What eyes?”

“It is no longer calm as usual.”  The Star Monarch put down a black piece as he took the lead.  He looked up and said, “Your eyes were bleak a thousand years ago, but there is a rare look of happiness in them today.  Although the difference isn’t big, it isn’t like a dead pool of water anymore.”

He vaguely remembered the war in the Word Tide Bay.  Mo Bai Ci returned to the Void Residence covered in blood with eyes filled with determination.

No one knew what happened and no one knew why the Heaven Master had such eyes, everyone only knew that he retreated to the Spirit Tiger Mountain to heal his wounds.

For the next hundred years, he never came out.

Mo Bai Ci was a bit surprised hearing this.  He softly picked up a white piece and after a while, he slowly put it down as he softly said, “I lose.”

“In your hundred year closed door cultivation on Spirit Tiger Mountain, I don’t know how much you’ve increased your mastery of spirit spells, but your go skills have dropped.”  The Star Monarch stood up with a smile and said, “You are no longer the Heaven Master who cares about nothing.”

He slowly stood up and watched the Star Monarch leave.  His eyes slightly narrowed as his lips curled into an extremely faint smile.

Perhaps it was like this.

Hall of Wisdom.

Luo Qing Chen was holding bamboo to make a hat for the little mushroom, while also taking cloth to make clothes for it.

“So hot, so hot, this baby mushroom is about to become dried mushroom!”

“Don’t rush!  Can’t you see that I’m making things for you!”

The Void Residence’s weather was much different from the Full Spirit County.  To put it bluntly, the Void Residence was above the clouds and was close to the sun, therefore it was usually hot and dry.

Growing up in a wet and humid place like the Full Spirit County, the little mushroom demon that lived in the trees and bushes naturally couldn’t stand this kind of temperature.

No, she asked for some bamboo and cloth as soon as she was led to the Hall of Wisdom by a cultivator, wanting to help this little mushroom not get heat stroke.

“Xiu xiu——”  A cool white mist came around them and the surrounding temperature dropped.

Mo Bai Ci in white clothes slowly walked into the Hall of Wisdom with a cold look on his face, but there were traces of warmth in his dark eyes.

Even though the people around him couldn’t see it.

“Ya, it’s not hot, it’s not hot!”  The little mushroom jumped up, wearing a bamboo hat and a red and white floral dress.

It looked kind of like a poisonous mushroom……

“This is for you.”  He raised his hand and the Ice Soul Jade came out of his sleeves, “The Void Residence is very dry and normally has no rain.  If you wear this, you won’t feel as warm.”

In that instant, everyone took a cold breath.

The Ice Soul Jade, it was a rare item.  It used the essence absorbed from the sun and moon to increase one’s cultivation, even having the effect of increasing one’s longevity.

He was giving it to her like this and it was being used……to avoid the heat?

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