Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 2)

It seemed like a story of putting the cart before the horse and it was quite bleak.

The Full Spirit County was the dividing border between good and evil on the Heaven Falling Continent, being between the Blood Demon Hall and the Void Residence.

The one guarding the Full Spirit County was a thousand year old Cherry Blossom Spirit.  A hundred years ago, in order to guard this place that belonged to the spirits, there was a fierce battle with the Demon Monarch at Word Tide Bay.

Of course, it was not just her alone.  There was also the only Destiny Master of the Void Residence, Mo Bai Ci.

The battle ended with the previous host’s ancient sacrificial spell and her final goodbye.

A white light soared into the sky and after the battle, there were cherry blossoms that filled the sky.

The cherry blossoms fell for three days and all creatures at the Word Tide Bay slept for three days, including the previous host and the male lead.

The previous host woke up and returned to her state a thousand years ago, losing all her memories.

She had turned into a weak Cherry Blossom Demon.

Actually, the previous host was hit by the backlash of the ancient sacrificial spell, being sealed by nine layers of spiritual energy.

This Cherry Blossom Demon would have been able to peacefully spend her life in the Full Spirit County.

But no one expected her to meet the supporting male lead, Li Jing Feng, who was the Void Residence’s Spirit Spell Master.

Li Jin Feng was very excited when he met the previous host because of her unique cherry blossom scent.  He told the previous host that he was her previous life’s lover.

He told her that he had formed a pact with her and had come to find her.

The previous host couldn’t remember and Li Jin Feng thought that she had forgotten him, so he wanted to take her back to the Void Residence.

Li Jin Feng was very good to the previous host.  For a place where cultivators lived like the Void Residence, there were many cultivators who looked down on a small demon like the previous host.

Cultivators didn’t have high foundations and although they couldn’t compare to the powerful Spirit Spell Master, compared to a small demon, they were definitely much stronger.

Although the previous host was protected by Li Jin Feng at the Void Residence, she was bullied by quite a few cultivators.

Although it wasn’t life threatening, those mean words could still hurt her heart.

Not to mention that the previous host was a little demon without any memories.

But it was a good thing that with Li Jin Feng’s pampering, the previous host’s life at the Void Residence wasn’t very bleak.

Gradually, she also developed feelings for Li Jin Feng.

Until a certain day a hundred years later, Li Jin Feng suddenly changed.

The previous host knew why, it was because Li Jin Feng found that the previous host wasn’t his past life’s lover at all.

He was wrong……

Li Jin Feng’s lover from a past life was the seventh ranked Spirit Spell Master, Yan Ruo Yao.

A hundred years ago, Yan Ruo Yao was still a cultivator wandering the mortal world.  She had accidentally wandered into the Full Spirit County populated by demons and she ate a cherry blossom fruit that bloomed every hundred years, causing her body to have a strange cherry blossom scent.

That made Li Jin Feng recognize the wrong person.

Only when Yan Ruo Yao passed her seven tribulations and met with Li Jin Feng at the Void Residence, telling him the truth did he finally realize that he recognized the wrong person a hundred years ago.

To recognize each other a hundred years later, how moving, how touching, how it made one cry……

But the previous host who was a fake had a worse ending.

Not only was she laughed at by the people of the Void Residence, she was also hated by Yan Ruo Yao and chased out by Li Jin Feng.

The previous host was very lost when she came down the mountain, like how a person was always good to you suddenly changed.

This kind of feeling, it filled her heart with pain.

The previous host thought of Li Jin Feng and finally snuck to the Void Residence three months later to sneak a peek at Li Jin Feng.

She never thought that she would be caught by Yan Ruo Yao and locked in a secret room.

The previous host was constantly tortured, abused, shamed, and cursed at by Yan Ruo Yao.

Finally on the seventy seventh year, all the blood in her was taken by the supporting female lead and she died in the secret room.

This hellish seventy seven years made the previous host forget all her love.  She came to the bronze mirror being filled with endless hatred, bringing the host Luo Qing Chen here.

Her hope was just to live a good life.

Un, she was a kind girl……

But Luo Qing Chen as the host wasn’t that kind.

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