Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: Little theater side story

The system has heard that someone has taken many blades and summer jobs, expressing special joy!

Glazed Tile: I also feel this system isn’t that good, let’s change it next time!

System: The system was wrong!  The system is very cute, obedient, and good!

[Ke, ke, it’s time for the ten questions, this time this system will ask some special questions for everyone!  First let’s welcome our film emperor, the proud mister Mu!]

“Hello everyone!”

[“First question: How did it feel when you became a film emperor?”]

“Very good.”

[“Did it feel good being high up!”]

“Eh.  I felt very good because I could finally stop acting and I could finally stay by Ms Mu’s side!”

[“Oh.”]  The system replied in a very cold voice.

[“Second question: When you’re at home, do you do the chores or does she?”]

“She never did any chores!”

[“Then did you do the chores?  Ya!  What a good man!”]

“Eh?  It was the four maids……”

[“Oh.”]  The system responded in a cold voice again.

It really was different with money!

[“Third question: I’ve heard that you liked traveling, so which city was your favourite?”]



“The night sky in that place is very beautiful.  Also there was no need to go out, we could stay in bed all day.”

[“Pu, the system feels dirty.”]

“It’s the system who isn’t pure.”


[“Fourth question: As usual, who is the person you hate in this world?”]

“Xia Xing Ge.”

[“Yi, it’s actually not the supporting male lead for once.”]

“Although the supporting male lead has a crippled mind that can’t compare to me, his eyes were not bad before.”

[“Fifth question: When did she make you the most angry?”]

“Can I say it?”

[“Be assured!  This conversation will never be known!”]

“When I woke up and pretended to lose my memory, she didn’t believe it at all!  I was really angry, but I still kept my smile!”

[“Oh, that was because of this system!  This system also remembers that you proposed, right?”]

“Right!  Wasn’t it handsome!”

[“Handsome, stunning!”]  The system excitedly clapped its non-existent hands.

[“Sixth question: When participating in «Entering Love», did you think that Xia Xing Ge and Gu Liu Sha were very fake?”]

“Compared to the couple that had already separated and was still playing couple, I looked down on them more!  That is a very disrespectful thing to do to love.”

[“Seventh question: Did you like the love story of «Half Smiling Summer»?”]

“I didn’t really like it.  If the male lead was confident enough and strong enough, he wouldn’t have let Xia Qian stay in a foreign country for that long.”

[“Eighth question: The future films you made were all spy films or intellectual films, why weren’t there any love films?”

“Ms Mu would get jealous and it is terrifying when she gets jealous.  I remember a time that I made a rather romantic drink advertisement (with a female lead) and one day she bought all the drinks I endorsed from a nearby supermarket, completely filling my study……”

[“So terrifying……”]  The system could imagine it!

[“Ninth question: What do you think was the happiest moment?”]

“The days that I could be by her side.  We liked to watch TV at eight after we finished eating dinner, we liked playing airplane chess together, we liked building blocks, we liked playing puzzles.  Although they were small things, I felt very happy.”

[“Tenth question: Do you want to say something to the little girls who liked the Luo Mu couple?”]

“It didn’t matter if we became popular or not, but you gave us a direction to work hard in.  Thank you for liking us, Luo Mu forever.”

Ms Mu, there is something I want to say to you.

Before meeting you, I never thought of getting married.

After meeting you, I never thought of anyone else.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 6/100]

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