Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 295

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Chapter 295: Mu Hua Nian’s side story (Part 2)

Then we suddenly became popular, becoming the couple that everyone wanted.

Although I didn’t say anything on the surface, I was exploding with happiness deep down!

I secretly made a Weibo smurf and liked all the posts that said that we were compatible.

Then I disliked every post that said that we weren’t compatible, what kind of eyes did those people have?

I’m not compatible with her, then is Gu Liu Sha compatible with her?  What kind of joke was that!

Clearly we are a perfect couple, alright?

Then we experienced a trial by fire.

Although my fall wasn’t light, I still felt that it was worth it.

That was my first time hugging her.  Although it was in a time of danger like this, the moment I fell to the ground while hugging her, my heart was filled with an unprecedented joy.

Un, I could rightfully hold her.

Un, it really was good!

But she wasn’t very good, actually secretly ‘dating her ex’ when I was in the hospital for my injuries.

Ke, ke, alright!  Changing the words, it’s actually going to the audition for «Half Smiling Summer»!

Did she not know that Gu Liu Sha had been invited to audition as the male lead?

After Wan Zi told me about this, I didn’t even go get a CT Scan.

I changed my clothes and headed to the auditions!  Someone actually wanted to steal my couple, it couldn’t be allowed!

I felt that I came at just the right time.  In that moment, I felt that she really needed me.

When she saw me, her eyes turned a bit red.  Actually, it made my heart hurt a bit.

I didn’t like seeing her cry.  Although I enjoyed this feeling of her caring about me, I didn’t like seeing her unhappy.

If crying meant that she cared about me, I was willing for her to not care about me at all.

But I seemed to still let her get hurt!

When that large van charged at her, my mind was completely empty.

There was only a single thought, nothing could happen to her.  Even if I were to die here, nothing could happen to her.

But when I was lying on my hospital bed, I seemed to see her.

No, rather it was like I was dead……and she was also dead?

But why can’t she see me?

I was very anxious, I wanted her to see me, but she couldn’t see me at all.  Her eyes were filled with pain and despair.

In the end, she kissed me on the bed and I didn’t feel anything.

Ah, so her kiss was actually this useful.

The future me seemed to vaguely hear her reading fairy tales to me.

Her voice was very good, it always made me feel assured when I heard it.

I really wanted to wake up, but I couldn’t wake up not matter what.

I tried again and again to break through the darkness, but I failed every time.

In the end, she and I were about to collapse.

Then on the hundredth day of my coma, she finally broke down in tears as she hugged me.

I have never seen this Luo Qing Chen before, looking that weak.

Her voice was so penetrating, breaking through my ears layer by layer.

Finally I broke through the darkness.

I wanted to tease her after waking up, but I found that she didn’t fall for it at all.

She actually had me be in the same room as a strange person and then went on a date?

Humph, I won’t take it!

Finally on the thirteenth hour of pretending to lose my memory, I couldn’t keep pretending any longer.

It wasn’t for any other reason.

The reason was because he really wanted to hold her.

He really……

Missed her.

The years passed and we were all the same.  I was willing to spend my entire life with you when there was nothing.

Because I care, so I got jealous.  Because it’s you, that I liked it.

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