Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 294

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Chapter 294: Mu Hua Nian’s side story (Part 1)

I love you, I forgot myself and used all my strength.  ——Mu Hua Nian.

Un, I admit that I have been a prideful person since I was young.

At least when it came to insulting people, I never had a match.

Until the day the person who brought me to a dead end appeared.

It made me realize the truth of an idiom in this world.

——Meeting one’s match.

The first time we met, she was sitting in front of me with a large pair of sunglasses.  She was clearly a small person that didn’t have any fame, but she acted like she was first rate star.

This was a bit like me.

Wan Zi had me form a fake couple with her, but my heart rejected it.

But without knowing why, when she spoke, I really wanted to agree.

It could be the sarcastic tone to her voice, or it could her voice……

Was very good to listen to.

Then I used my best skill, insulting people.

But I never thought that her reaction would be so fast.

Not only did she immediately respond, her words were very well thought out that people couldn’t refute them.

As expected, she was a match.

I felt that arguing with someone like this was very interesting.  I also knew that this person had left a different mark in my heart.

Although it wasn’t love at first sight, it made me want to approach this girl.

That night, I sat down in front of my computer as soon as I got home.  Wan Zi told me that she wanted my QQ today, so I was waiting for her to add me.

But after a full two hours, she finally hesitantly sent a friend request.



Then there was a bit of regret…..

She didn’t give up and the sunflower profile picture popped up again.

Half anger!

Rejected again!

Then she seemed to get angry.

I couldn’t help revealing a smile in front of the computer before clicking accept.

This was our meeting at first.  It was a very boring meeting, but it was the happy start of our team.

Then on our path, we developed a tacit understanding.  From silently watching other while doing nothing to becoming the most dazzling couple.

Although I didn’t say anything, my heart unknowingly filled with happiness.

Seeing the annoyed appearance of her ex boyfriend, only the heavens knew how much I wanted to pick up the microphone and sing a song of joy.

Un, I admit!  This kind of feeling is satisfying and exciting.

If I had to mention when my heart was moved, it should be that wonderful waltz!

As well as that Seven Coloured Champagne match after.

My opponent was Gu Liu Sha.  The director wanted me to let him win, but I knew that it was impossible to redo this scene.

Because no one could drink it a second time.  Perhaps I can, but Gu Liu Sha definitely can’t.

I drank cup by cup as I looked at her not far away with blurred eyes.  She looked right at me with clear and focused eyes, like I was the only one in her world right now.

In that instant, my heart kept beating fast.  I thought that this was the heartbeat of a first love.

What determined it in the end was when I saw Gu Liu Sha looking drunk as he went to find her.

When I saw that he wanted to get back together with her, my heart was filled with nervousness and fear.

I was afraid that the couple that belonged to me would foolishly agree!  I was so afraid that when I pulled the glass shards out of my hand, I didn’t feel any pain at all.

But it was a good thing that she didn’t agree!  She didn’t even let him touch her……

I was very happy.  Happy that she didn’t go back to the past, happy that I had this chance to become the only man by her side.

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