Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (End)

Film emperor Mu retired and he lived a leisurely life.

Luo Qing Chen and his goal in life was, squander their family property and travel the world!

Whenever they went to another city, he would take a picture for her.

He said that that way he could see how she grew!

Ten years later, Luo Qing Chen looked at all the pictures before looking at herself in the mirror.

She really wanted to take the Beauty Pill out of her storage space and eat it!

After dinner, Mu Hua Nian seriously organized the pictures.  He wrote the dates on the back of every one of them and carefully put them into an album!

Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and charged to an old trunk downstairs.  She took out a pair of rabbit pyjamas and bounced away.

“Ms Mu, why are you like this?  Didn’t you stop wearing this a long time ago?”  Mu Hua Nian looked up and was a bit surprised to see her wearing the clothes from ten years ago.  Could it be that this girl wanted to act like a student recently?

“Mu Hua Nian, I’m asking you!”  Luo Qing Chen sat in front of him and shifted the stack of photos, as she asked in a serious voice, “Why is it that when we go out, you only take my picture and not let me take your pictures!”

“Ms Mu looks just too good!”  He gave a soft laugh and reached his right hand to rub her slightly wet  hair. He blew it with a blowdryer from the cabinet as he said, “It’ll look better after being blown.”

Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and looked at him with an aggrieved look, “But you always look at my young photos, so you must have some deviations when you look at the present me!”

Although she had maintained herself well, looking like a twenty year old even after turning thirty, when she reaches forty, it would be a big change!

Mu Hua Nian would be looking at pictures of her when she was in twenties…..

“Ms Mu, I feel that you haven’t changed at all, you still look beautiful.”  His gently helped her blow her hair, as he had a pampering smile while coaxing his princess.

Actually, he had taken all those photos of her because he wasn’t willing to miss even a single second with her.

No matter how many years, no matter the changes, there was only one he loved.

The more important reason was that……

If there was a day he left this world before her, at least he could look at her to pass the rest of life with.

But if she left first, he didn’t want to leave any memories for her.

He didn’t want her to worry, he just wanted her to take care of herself.

Over ten years later, he was diagnosed with a severe illness and left this world without any pain.

Her heart felt sad, but she didn’t feel that much pain.

Because they had a good life.  He had said to her that she couldn’t cry at his funeral.

Un, Mu Hua Nian, she did it……

But when she was going through his stuff and saw the piles of letters, she couldn’t help breaking into tears.

Each letter was very short, but it was a strong blow to one’s heart.

The first day after I’m gone.

Mr Mu, please keep smiling.  I will be watching you from the distance.

The second day after I’m gone.

Your legs aren’t good anymore, so whether it rains or not, don’t go out.

The third day after I’m gone.

I’ve put your pictures in my beloved box, you can’t secretly look at them!


The hundredth day after I’m gone.

Ms My, you should have forgotten by now!  Start a new life, I will be waiting for you at the next intersection.

“Sorry, Mu Hua Nian.  Without you, this world no longer has any meaning!”  She narrowed her eyes as the system’s voice rang in her ears.

Farewell my family’s proud mister Mu.

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