Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 58)

Properly speaking, without the system, she really would have been tricked by Mu Hua Nian!

Why did she feel it was strange?  It was because if Mu Hua Nian really lost his memory, the system would have set her affection to 0%.

But she never received this kind of notification.

So that youth must not have lost his memories.

After half a month, Mu Hua Nian was released from the hospital.  Although she was still angry about Mu Hua Nian pretending to have amnesia, but because of his ‘life saving grace’, she chose to forgive him!

Time passed very quickly and their two families were busy announcing their wedding after he was released from the hospital.

On their wedding day, they hit the hot searches again.

  1. #Luo Mu couple’s prince and princess palace#
  2. #S City’s two large families connecting in marriage#
  3. #Luo Mu couple gets married in Paris#
  4. #Entering Love#
  5. #The importance of choosing the right couple#

Three months later, they came back from their honeymoon and director Hua called them!

It had to be said, director Hua really kept what he said at the auditions, he really was an insistent fellow.

Luo Qing Chen felt that Mu Hua Nian always had a yearning for acting, it was like a dream to him.

In the end, after their discussions, they decided to film «Half Smiling Summer».

They thought that it was just a promise to director Hua, while also fulfilling the dream in their hearts.

But they never thought that this campus drama would bring them to the peak of their acting career.

The overbearing and persistent Ye Xiao and the strong and kind Xia Qian.

Every youth that passed had their footsteps left behind.

They loved, hated, fell, and were hurt, but on the long path of life, they never loved anyone other than each other.

In the end, «Half Smiling Summer» won eight awards at the Golden Awards.  That included best male lead, best female lead, best script, and best director.

The starry night of the entertainment industry seemed to light up for them that year.

After this series finished airing, Luo Qing Chen gradually faded away and left the entertainment industry.  She didn’t like the impulsive circle and she always felt that it was like when she saw «Entering Love» for the first time, just too fake.

And Mu Hua Nian entered the film industry, never filming another romance film after «Half Smiling Summer».

Most of his films were in depth movies like «Earth Shocking Rebellion», «Doomsday Train», «Psychological Crime Professor», and other movies.

Each one brought in box offices of over a hundred million and were all major successes.

He used his overwhelming acting skills and his heaven defying handsome face to give the audience another perception.

Three years later, he was at the Golden Horse Awards.

When the picture froze on his image, he just revealed a faint smile.

He didn’t shed tears, he didn’t act cool, he just had a gentleman’s smile as he walked onto the stage.

His speech was very short, but it touched everyone’s heart.

“I said with Ms Mu that when I became an international film emperor, I would go home to be a house husband and stay with her.  I thank everyone who cared and supported me and I hope that my works will leave beautiful memories with you all.”

After this speech was over, everyone understood Mu Hua Nian’s meaning!

An acting emperor worth over five billion was retiring for love, this was a scene that had never happened before, but it really happened.

His voice on stage was very calm, not having any excitement or unwillingness.  He just lovingly looked into the camera, like he was looking at her.

This was Mu Hua Nian, a proud and warm man!

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