Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 289

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Chapter 289: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 55)

It was the ninety eighth day of his coma.

The doctor shook his head when he came in and didn’t say a word.

Mu Dong Zhi gave a deep sigh when he came in and tears kept coming out of his wife’s eyes.

She looked at his sunken expression and it seemed like everyone had given up hope on Mu Hua Nian lying on the hospital bed.

Endless despair filled the air.

“Isn’t he……Isn’t he still here?  You….Why are you all crying?” Luo Qing Chen tightly gritted her teeth and looked up at everyone in front of her, as tears dripped down her eyes.

It was like she was the only person in the world who believed, believing that this youth who used his life to protect her would still wake up.

But she was still very afraid.

So afraid that she didn’t even dare ask the system.  Ask it if Mu Hua Nian would ever wake up.

Because she was afraid of the answer.

It was the hundredth day of his coma……

Today the clouds covered the sky.  The weather forecast said that there were two typhoons coming in.

She didn’t like this kind of weather, feeling that it made her feel very weak, coming close to collapsing.

After that, she slowly stood up and closed the curtains, blocking the rain and wind.

At 9:50.

She was sitting by the bed, habitually reading Andersen’s Fairy Tales, talking to him.

“There once was a very beautiful mermaid and she fell in love with a prince.  In the end, for the prince, she lost her life, but she never regretted it…..” As she said this, she became choked up and couldn’t continue.

The music box on the table slowly turned as it played its soft music.

The crisp bells were very beautiful to listen to.

She slightly raised her hand and softly poked his forehead with her fingertip as she said, “It can’t be that you…..were a mermaid in your past life and you came to save me, the prince, right!”

The room was silent.

Yes, how could there be someone to reply to her!

But, why wasn’t there someone to reply to her?

“Mu Hua Nian.”  Her eyes turned red and her left hand held his slightly cold fingers.  She said in a choked up voice, “Wake up……I’m begging you…..You’ve been asleep for too long……”

Once upon a time, those warm hands had firmly held hers.

But whenever there was danger, he was the first one to protect her no matter what.

But now, no matter how she held those hands, those hands didn’t react at all……

The storm outside became bigger and the sound of rain splashing became deafening!

She suddenly felt that her heart was very empty, like there was a place that didn’t belong.  Thinking back, there were faint expectations in her heart.

She hoped that one day, the youth in front of her would suddenly open his eyes and look at her.

Even if it was a single look…..

People always said that death was a painful and terrifying thing, life was always filled with beauty.

But at this moment, she fully understood that it was the most painful being left behind.

“Mu Hua Nian, if you don’t wake up, I won’t like you…..”  She tightly held his hand and leaned over his chest as she kept trembling.

Tears fell onto the back of his hand.  In the silent room, there was only her crying voice that sounded heart rending.

After a long time, he still didn’t react to her.

She cried until she had no strength to hold his hand when she felt a warm feeling from her fingers.

She saw that hand tighten in her grip, as a cool as water voice entered her ears——

“Who are you?”

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