Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 45)

The starry night was beautiful, it only appeared in darkness.

This night, she was destined to be alone.

Her mind was filled with memories of him, as her heart ached from those memories.

It turned out that remembering happy memories was true pain.

She used five hundred points to exchange for teleportation, but she found that she didn’t have——

A place to go at all.

She could only lie in the little room she rented as teardrop after teardrop fell down.

She could only heard the sharp sound from the hospital in her ears…..

So her heart could feel this much pain and be this numb……

She didn’t know why she was still alive and she couldn’t find a good reason to keep living.

It seemed like only hatred could keep her going, only hatred……


Don’t call me!

This was a hysterical cry from the bottom of her heart.

Could it not talk to her.  Could it turn back time, back to the first day they met.

As the warm wind blows, everything goes back to the beginning.

She really had many, many things she still wanted to say to him.  She wanted to tell him that if he said he wasn’t jealous, she would be very disappointed.

Because she liked him……

She liked that he was clearly warm, yet he acted to proud. 

She liked how he clearly wanted to be good to her, but he would never admit it.

She liked how he clearly could have had the best girl in the world, but he chose her.

[Host!  The male lead isn’t dead……]  The system couldn’t take her thoughts anymore and told her the results!

Stop shouting……What?  Could it be that the life support machine I heard in the hospital was an illusion?

[No, the male lead’s heart did stop in that moment.]  The system honestly explained.

Un, could it be that my kiss woke him up?

[……The system feels it should be that the male lead’s will to live is excessively strong!]  It actually used the system’s ability to read the male lead’s thoughts on the verge of death.

It really was the end, but at that moment, his mind was filled with Luo Qing Chen.

The smiling her, the playful her, the confident her, the cute her, the shy her……

Only her……

So he’s fine, right?

[No, his head suffered a heavy injury.  He might not wake up in his entire life……]


She couldn’t help trembling, but her heart was much more settled.

At least he was still alive, right?

As long as he was alive, everything was unknown right now.  As long as he was alive, she could still work hard.

Can’t she do it?  That youth risked his life to save her.

Wait for her, she would come.

Her eyes turned cold and a chill scattered from her, which seemed terrifying like it could freeze everything around her.

Even she was scared by herself.  It was unknown why she had such a unique aura and this aura kept getting stronger and stronger with each world she went to.

[Host…..the male lead is in danger.]

WTF, did you just say that he escaped danger?

[The supporting female lead noticed you disappeared and received news the male lead isn’t dead yet.  Since she can’t find you, she wildly ran to the hospital to kill the male lead and force you to appear.]

An icy mist filled her eyes and her lips curled into a smile that didn’t seem to belong to her.

A terrifying feeling was found in that coldness, like she could kill someone in the next moment.

Xia Xing Ge, if you want to die, I’ll support you!

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