Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 44)

“No!”  She roared out before charging forward, as she placed her spiritual lips onto the youth’s lips.

She thought that even though she was Cinderella without her glass shoes, she would try everything to kiss the prince awake.

After that, the scene in front of her shattered like glass, bit by bit, layer by layer, until it all broke apart.

She forcefully opened her eyes and for a second, her eyes were an enchanting red colour.

But suddenly her eyes returned to their normal clear state.

She was currently tied up in a large tank of water with more water dripping down over her, already reaching her neck.

Her eyes turned cold and she looked around her, finally looking at the camera in front of her.

At this moment, Xia Xing Ge was in a five star hotel for dinner and personally watching this ‘live broadcast’ of someone drowning from her notebook.

At this moment, her heart was filled with incomparable excitement.  She had finally reached this day.

She took a chalice as she said to the live feed with a grin on her red lips, “Die quickly!  When you die, everything will be mine. You shouldn’t live in this world, how could a lowly person like you live in this world?  You’re as low as an ant!”

Of course, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t hear what she was saying.

She gritted her teeth and slightly moved her hands, but she found that her hands and legs were tightly bound, so she couldn’t move at all.

“Ha, ha, ha——”  Brother Li laughed as he watched Luo Qing Chen in the water tank and said, “This girl really doesn’t look that bad.  I thought that she was already dead, otherwise I would have let the brothers test her out.”

“Big brother, how about we go one back and one forward?”  A yellow haired punk looked at Luo Qing Chen in a mesmerized manner, his drool almost falling down.

“Damn you!”  Brother Li’s fist slammed into the yellow haired punk’s head and he angrily said, “What right do you have to share a woman with father?”

“Yes, yes, yes, big brother is powerful, this little one knows my mistake.”  The yellow haired punk sucked up the pain and immediately lowered his head to apologize.  His voice was a bit hesitant as he asked, “How about we stop the water first and let big brother enjoy yourself?”

Brother Li took a breath of his cigarette before saying with a smile, “I promised that young miss Xia that this won’t waste her time.  The money she gave father is enough for father to get a nice water bed and call some girls to have some fun!”

“Big brother is right, big brother is right!”

Luo Qing Chen tightly knit her brows.  Hearing their vulgar words, her stomach couldn’t help churning.

The water flowed quite quickly and already reached her lips in a short minute.

Her lips curled into a dangerous smile and she took a deep breath as she slowly closed her eyes.

Want to kill her, come!

Xia Xing Ge, do you have the ability?

The rage in her heart burned as it swallowed all her reason.

How could there be such a venomous supporting female lead, coming to kill her again and again.  Did she really think that she was easy to bully?

After a minute, when the water passed Luo Qing Chen’s head, the water tank was completely filled.

Brother Li laughed and the yellow haired punk beside him also laughed.

Xia Xing Ge on the other side of the feed also laughed

Their laughter was quite loud, open, and free.


But did they not know that this laughter would send them off to hell?

System, I want to exchange for teleportation!

[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for teleportation (One time use).]

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