Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 274

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Chapter 274: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 40)

Only when they came to their seats did he softly put her down.

His face was very pale, so he probably should have pulled his wound.

He slightly pursed his lips and looked at her as he said, “Can you see the seats?”

Using the light of the big screen, she could see his pale as snow face.  Her heart filled with pain and discomfort.

In that instant, she seemed to slightly understand what kind of person Mu Hua Nian was.

He was that kind of person where if he had to make a choice of whether to be hit by a bullet or let her be hit by a marble.

He would choose the latter without any hesitation.

He would rather be destroyed than to let her feel any pain.  Burying everything in the bottom of his heart and only trying to do his best for you.

Right, he was that kind of person.

In that instant, she felt her eyes mist over.  She took a deep breath and raised her hands to hold him.

Since she had known him, it was her first time hugging him in this kind of atmosphere.

She softly pressed her face beside his ear and said in a choked voice, “Thank you Mu Hua Nian.  Although you won’t say it, having you is truly good.”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 90%.]

Mu Hua Nian was frozen on the spot, even forgetting to reach out to hug her back.

Rather it was his heart that responded to him.




It kept getting faster and stronger, giving off a bit of warmth.

She just gave a soft laugh and left his embrace.  She looked at him with clear eyes and teased, “Pu, mister Mu, your heart is beating two hundred times a minute…..Wu——”

Before she even finished, the other side’s right hand had taken her waist.  A faint light flashed in those deep, dark eyes, as they met gazes.

His lips curled into a dazzling smile and after that, his cool lips softly pressed against her lips.

In that instant, her face turned completely red and it quickly spread to the tips of her ears.

Her heart was like a little deer that didn’t want to live, it kept bouncing around.

There was a faint grass scent that filled the air, it seemed to be coming from his clothes.  This scent was the same as when they first met, it wasn’t like powerful colognes, it was fresh and fragrant.

His kiss was very soft, sweet, and gentle, causing her to get lost in it.

Finally her legs gradually became weak and she couldn’t stand still……

Mu Hua Nian tightly held her as his cold lips unwillingly left her lips.  A pampering look filled his dark eyes and he teased her back, “Does miss Luo know how fast her heart is beating now?”

Luo Qing Chen raised her right hand to feel her heartbeat.  Her large eyes sparkled as she looked at him, “My……My heartbeat…..is still alright!”

Without knowing why, seeing her red faced and looking very shy, there was a flower of happiness that bloomed in his heart.

Actually he was even more nervous than her right now.

After all, this was his, Mu Hua Nian’s first kiss, alright?

His first time kissing a girl was with the girl in his heart, this feeling was truly good.

“Is it really…..still alright?”  He slightly raised a brow and his handsome face slowly approached her, causing her heart to beat wildly again.

“Sit down——”  Luo Qing Chen softly pushed him away and escaped.  She sat down in her seat and said in a serious voice, “Focus on watching the movie, we’ve already missed quite a few scenes!”

“Alright, my Luo Mu couple?”  Mu Hua Nian’s deep eyes sparkled, before he corrected himself in a bewildered tone, “No, my girlfriend.”

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