Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 270

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Chapter 270: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 36)

After three minutes, they had pretty much memorized the script and were prepared to perform.

The script went as following——

Scene: The girl was on the sofa watching TV when the boy walked over, naturally resting his head on the girl’s thighs.  The girl hugged him and softly covered his eyes before they began talking.

Male: Have you been well these past few years?  Without me here, were you very lost?

Female: No, the current me is much stronger than before.

Male: Oh?  How so?

Female: I get up each morning to make breakfast for myself, squeeze myself in on the subway, I can only lower my head and apologize when being scolded by others, I have to kill the mice at home by myself, and even have to fix my own broken pipes.  Even if I fall on the way to work, I have to endure the pain and stand up, going to work even if I’m bleeding. I’m most afraid of being fired, being in a foreign province, since I’ll be on the street next month……”

Scene: The boy couldn’t take it anymore and his cold finger touched her lip.

Male: Xia Qian, you’re already back by my side.

When Luo Qing Chen finished reading this scene, she only realized she was crying when she touched her face with her finger.

Only now did she realize what was life as acting and acting as life.

When Mu Hua Nian’s gentle voice rang in her ears, she had already completely fallen into Xia Qian’s character.

She was that Xia Qian who had been spoiled.

And Mu Hua Nian was that Ye Xiao who always thought about her.

After the scene, there was no sound at all.  Everyone had been infected and moved by the complicated emotions they had demonstrated in just a few minutes.

Xia Qian had relied on Ye Xiao too much before, so after she left Ye Xiao, she realized just how good it was being held in the palm of his hands.

And as for Ye Xiao, he found that he wouldn’t meet another girl like Xia Qian.  She stayed with him in his worst times and had left when he reached his peak.

The misunderstanding from back then had been completely cleared.

Eighteen years of love, so simple and beautiful.

“Pa, pa——”  After a while, director Hua slowly stood up and clapped for them.

She already had her answer.  Luo Qing Chen and Mu Hua Nian were Xia Qian and Ye Xiao, only they could display this kind of intoxicating «Half Smiling Summer».

After that, applause erupted from the crowd.

In that moment, everyone was looking at them.

Luo Qing Chen gave a bow as she revealed a somewhat embarrassed smile.  She couldn’t stop the joy filling her heart.

This was the first time she didn’t exchange for a skill and used her true strength to do something.

Of course, it was a good thing that the other side was Mu Hua Nian.

If the other side was Gu Liu Sha, even if she exchanged for the acting skills, she wouldn’t be able to say a single word.

Many people had seen Luo Qing Chen’s two performances, so they began to gossip about it.

“So it wasn’t that Luo Qing Chen wasn’t good at acting, just the other side was wrong person.”

“That’s right!  I’ve heard people in the industry say that Gu Liu Sha and Luo Qing Chen dated during their four years of university.  After graduation, in order to climb higher, Gu Liu Sha gave up Luo Qing Chen and hooked up with Xia Xing Ge!”

“Damn, is this true!  He normally looks like a cute guy, but I never thought he was this kind of person!”

“Be quiet, the industry is like this, full of fake idols.  There are some that look good, but actually it is all acting.  I feel like this is the reason the Luo Mu couple became this popular, it’s because they are real.”


Gu Liu Sha under the stage heard the discussion around him and he clenched his fists even tighter.

He refused to believe it, a four year love actually couldn’t compare to the coupling on a trash variety show!

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