Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Zhao An Yang’s side story

Zhao An Yang: I always believed the heavens would let lovers be together, in the end, the heavens didn’t let me down.

My mother was a girl Zhao Wang bought from a brothel, therefore my life has been a tragedy.

Zhao Wang loved my mother a lot in the beginning.  Although I wasn’t treated as well as Zhao An Ling when I was born, I wasn’t treated as badly as later in life.

Zhao An Ling’s mother came from a famous family, only it was a pity Zhao Wang didn’t love her.

Long term jealousy becoming hate, that was that woman’s life.

After all kinds of plots, Zhao Wang finally wouldn’t believe us.

In the end, my mother was locked up in the dungeon and I was accidentally blinded by Zhao An Ling.

The first time I met her, it was the year I was twelve.

At the thirtieth birthday banquet of Zhao Wang, it was a pity that I was blind, so I couldn’t personally watch the nation collapsing beauty as she danced.

I only knew that after the dance was over, the entire banquet clapped for her.

That day, me who had been in boundless darkness had finally seen a trace of light.

When I met her again, my mother was struck with a serious illness.

The moment the bell on her foot rang, my heart was filled with restlessness.

This was the Ming Province and she was in Zhong Mou, how could it be possible?

But when she spoke to me, I knew she was the light in my life.

She said she could help me find a doctor, but I had to go to Zhong Mou to look for her.

I only knew she was a famous daughter in Zhong Mou, I never knew she was Luo Wang’s daughter.

The name Luo Wang, whether in my eyes or Zhao Wang’s eyes, it was far out of reach.

But even like this, I still wanted to find her in the depths of my heart.

Although I couldn’t see anything.

But on the next day, my mother died.

Zhao An Ling said that luckily there was his little sister Qing’er that my mother had finally died.

I knew Zhao An Ling’s meaning, he was saying that she caused my mother’s death.

But I didn’t believe him.

After burying my mother, I didn’t know where to go, but I didn’t want to stay in Zhao Wang’s Manor.

The teacher who taught me how to read and write when I was young had pity for me, so he asked if I was willing to go to the Li Le Academy he had just opened.

I was overjoyed and accepted without even thinking about it.

After all, the Li Le Academy was in Zhong Mou.

Actually, she didn’t know, but I knew she would go to the Li Le Academy before even she knew.

Of course, I also knew that she was Luo Wang Manor’s only daughter.

I couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile.  This was a chasm that could never be crossed.

It could never be crossed and even effort was just a joke.

But she still talked to me, but I knew it was impossible for us.

I worked very hard at studying and without knowing why, my path seemed to become much smoother.

After several years, I became a supervising censor with the help of one of my teachers.

Later I knew that for a blind person like me, to progress this smoothly, there had to be someone high up helping me.

The one high up was her.

At this time, Yan Wu Se who had helped me before was being forced to marry a sixty year old imperial teacher, becoming his concubine.

Thinking of how I was a blind man, it was impossible for me to be with her in this life.

I did owe a favour to Yan Wu Se, so I should return it.

But I never thought that on the eve of the wedding, she actually appeared before me with the Heavenly Mountain Snow Lotus and the Luo Family’s token, forcing me to marry her.

I actually had a chance to marry her!

Luo Wang pampered her, doing everything to satisfy her.

Even if she wanted to marry a blind man.

The night I was married to her, I opened her veil and saw her nation collapsing beauty for the first time.

It was truly, truly beautiful.  She was this beautiful, so why did she like me?

How I wanted to spend my life with her, even if I couldn’t take my revenge.

And her, she never stopped helping my pave my path, doing all she could to help me suppress all the cities on the eastern continent.

But I eventually hurt her and hurt our child.

When she returned to my side, I felt she had changed.

She had always been arrogant and decisive in the past, but without knowing why, it had all changed.

She became this cute and even secretly cooked for me.

Although the dishes she made were a bit……

But she had changed.  She would use soft words, she would show emotion, she would cry in front of me, she would…..hug me.

If I could only admire her before, now I just wanted to get close to her.

This was because I was no longer blind.

This was because I finally had the chance to stand in front of her like a man and protect her.

For you, I was willing to be trapped forever in the ground in this life.

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