Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 263

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Chapter 263: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 29)

Early next morning, Luo Qing Chen found herself on a sofa when she woke up and there was only her in the room.

There was a note on the table by the sofa, written in powerful and neat words.

——I’ve gone to get a CT scan to make sure nothing else is hurt.  If you wake up, go eat breakfast first.


When did the proud young master become the caring little prince?

Isn’t this change a little too fast!

[It isn’t fast, the host’s affection has already reached 70%.]

Luo Qing Chen was scared.  She felt it had been a long time since she heard the system and didn’t know what to say.

But it was good, she had some questions to ask.

System, yesterday’s fire, was the culprit…..Xia Xing Ge?

[Yes, she hired someone to set the fire.]

Damn, I knew it was her.  Not daring to go face to face, only knowing how to make small moves from behind!  That really is Xia Xing Ge’s style!

[What is the host planning?]  The system felt that the host wanted to complain about someone and suddenly felt a bit excited.

What else can I do?  I’ll go straight forward and won’t hide.  Tell me Xia Xing Ge’s home address.

[The host wants to find the original host’s real father Xia Bai?]

It’s all fine, even the mother is fine.

[Xia Bai has been hospitalized for the past few days for myocardial infarction, he’s currently in a high class room in the city’s number one hospital.]

Ha, ha, ha!  Her father is in the hospital and she was in the mood to participate in whatever «Entering Love».  This kind of person isn’t worthy of being surnamed Xia.

She stood by the window and was in a daze.  Her left hand softly touched her moonstone bracelet and she muttered through gritted teeth, “Xia Xing Ge, you should return your identity to me.”

After an hour, she came to the so called number one hospital.

But the VIP room wasn’t easy to enter, so she had to dress up.

Because she successfully took a nurse’s uniform with the system’s help, she avoided everyone’s gaze and came to the VIP room.

It had to be said, the VIP room really was extravagant!  If it wasn’t for the scent of ethanol in the air, she would have thought that she was in a high class hotel.

After walking around, she saw Xia Bai’s name on room 2520.

The moment she came in, she thought that she had entered some presidential suite.

A large two story room with state of the art equipment and nurses caring for you twenty four hours of the day.

Xia Bai was sitting on the large bed in the middle and his wife Xie Wan Yue was sitting beside him.  Xia Bai’s complexion was quite good and he was looking at the forty inch LCD TV in front of him.

When Luo Qing Chen opened the door, his eyes fell onto her.

Shock, confusion, panic, and disbelief……

Xie Wan Yue also had the same expression.  She was trembling a bit as she slowly stood up and nervously swallowed a mouthful of saliva before saying, “You…..”

Before she even finished, a nurse on the side cut her off.

“Hey, what division are you from?  What is your name? Why do you look unfamiliar?”

“People who aren’t related, please leave first.”  She slightly looked up with a cold look in her eyes.  Her voice had no ripples, it was as calm as water.

“Quickly, call security.”  The nurse saw that she didn’t have a name tag and she was acting this arrogantly, so her first reaction was to call security.

If anything happened to mister Xia, the people in the room couldn’t afford the consequences.

“No need——”  Xia Bai raised his hand and stopped her.  His eyes were burning as he looked at the people in the room and said, “You can all leave first, me and my wife will talk to her alone.”

“Mister Xia……”


“Get out——”

“Alright, if anything happens to mister Xia, please call for us.”  The nurses looked at each other before leaving.

Luo Qing Chen wasn’t surprised why Xia Bai and Xie Wan Yue were shocked, she understood the moment she saw Xie Wan Yue.

This was because she almost looked the same as Xie Wan Yue.

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