Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 25)

Xia Xing Ge angrily threw down her cell phone and her eyes were filled with hatred as she said through gritted teeth, “It’s all because of you Luo Qing Chen!  How could my spotlight be stolen if it wasn’t for you! How could I have been injured if it wasn’t for you! You just wait!”

After saying this, she got out of bed holding back her anger and picked up her phone, as she called the street thug brother Li.

Destiny would happen in the end because many things had to happen and it couldn’t be changed.

On the other side, at the Bali Island villa.

After «Entering Love» had aired, Luo Qing Chen and Mu Hua Nian’s cell phones never stopped ringing.

Even You Zi and Wan Zi who let them do what they want immediately flew to Bali Island to handle their public relations from their ‘overnight fame’!

Her biggest feeling was: No wonder so many people wanted to use scandals to get fame, this effect is quite clear.


They didn’t hate each other, so they didn’t argue at all, alright?

At midnight.

In an office at the top of the villa, five people were sitting around the table.

They were You Zi, Wan Zi, the two main leads, and the director of «Entering Love» director Zhong.

“That, for you two agents to come to the villa this time……”

“It’s about the shots of Qing Chen and Hua Nian, I hope that the director can reconsider.”  You Zi was very straightforward. Since she was an agent, getting more resources for their talents was a very normal thing in the business industry.

“Naturally, naturally, I’ve already told the assistant directors to put them in the main couple position.  Their camera time will be five times compared to before on the next episode.” Director Zhong’s tone was completely different from the past two days, as his heart was filled with panic.  The original popularity of the show depended purely on Xia Xing Ge and Gu Liu Sha.

But now that Xia Xing Ge is in the hospital since she was injured, she definitely wouldn’t be able to participate in tomorrow’s filming at all.  It was a good thing that a dark horse like Luo Qing Chen and Mu Hua Nian had appeared which was considered solving a large problem for him.

“Then we’ll have to thank director Zhong first.”

“No need, no need.”  Director Zhong looked at Luo Qing Chen and Mu Hua Nian on the couch to the side and said, “You can tell me if you have any requests.”

Luo Qing Chen was lazily leaning on the sofa with a twist braid and no makeup, but still looking beautiful.

Her lips slightly curled and she looked at director Zhong with a smile as she said, “Any requests are allowed?”

“Of course, the program team will do their best to meet your requests in the next week.”  Director Zhong responded with an honest nod.

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a thoughtful smile, “That person Gu Liu Sha, I really don’t want to see him.  Since Xia Xing Ge can’t participate anymore, then he……”

A little female star wanted to delude herself to squeeze out the hottest male lead this year.  Luo Qing Chen naturally knew that if Xia Xing Ge was here, this would purely be breaking common practice.

But there was no choice since Xia Xing Ge wasn’t here anymore.

Mu Hua Nian heard her words and without knowing why, his heart strangely filled with happiness.

Director Zhong should have some understanding of the relationships of the people participating in «Entering Love».  He wanted to use this level of the relationship as a critical point and explode it in time.

But he never thought……

The air froze for three seconds before director Zhong said with difficulty, “This……”

“Since directory Zhong isn’t willing to make this choice, then there’s no need to say ‘you’ll do your best to fulfill our request’, I will feel uncomfortable.”  Luo Qing Chen crossed her arms across her chest as she looked at director Zhong in front of her.

“No, no, no, right now you two are our largest attraction, you will bring in more audience than Gu Liu Sha alone.  You can leave Qing Chen’s request to me.” Director Zhong decisively gave her his response.

Everyone was clear in their hearts that Luo Qing Chen was just using Gu Liu Sha to complain to director Zhong.

After all, with Xia Xing Ge not here, it was impossible for Gu Liu Sha to continue participating in this program alone.

This was «Entering Love», it wasn’t «A Single Dog»!

She was just using another method to vent some anger on director Zhong, since this director Zhong had called them disposable ‘foil’ to begin with.

“Peng——”  When Luo Qing Chen nodded in satisfaction, there was a large explosion that instantly rang in her ears.

There was someone setting fire to the villa……

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