Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 19)

And on the other side, when Gu Liu Sha passively received Xia Xing Ge, his heart was filled with rage and dissatisfaction.

Xia Xing Ge took a step back as she didn’t feel anyone receive her, so she grabbed the man in front of her.

Without knowing why, there was a faint grass scent just a moment ago that made her heart beat faster.

She couldn’t be any more familiar with the cologne of the person in front of her.

“Liu Sha.”  She softly muttered.

“Un.”  Gu Liu Sha only felt his head ache, not feeling like dancing the waltz at all.

After a minute, the music stopped.

“Alright, everyone can take off their blindfolds.”  The director’s slightly awkward voice rang out.

The ‘divorced’ Qing Jing couple of Chu Qing and Nie Jing and the Dong Mo couple of Chen Dong and Xiao Mo had both picked wrong!

When the camera fell onto their faces, the four of them all revealed awkward looks.

“Alright!  «Entering Love»’s first day’s winners are the Qing Liu couple and the Luo Mu couple.  You two teams will enter the final showdown.”

After that, the camera turned off and the director continued, “Considering the flow of the show, let’s have the Qing Liu couple win the competition.”

Luo Qing Chen was very clear that when the director said this, he wasn’t recording.

“Humph——”  Xia Xing Ge gave a soft snort and held her hands at her chest as she disdainfully said, “You say it like they could win.”

Luo Qing Chen was too lazy to care about her, what was there to be arrogant about in terms of talking.  In other people’s eyes, they were just people without any quality.

The director knit his brows, but he didn’t want to refute her.  Instead he looked at the crew a few times and the shooting continued.

She could see the moment the lights turned on, Xia Xing Ge’s face turned from disdain to pure cuteness.

“This game is called the ‘Seven Coloured Wine’.  Whichever colour appears on the monitor, the player has to drink from the same coloured cup.  There are a total of seven cups and those that drink everything first will win.”

Two against two, the first up were Gu Liu Sha and Mu Hua Nian.

The director went quite big this time.  There was a row of champagne on the table with a total of seven colours, following the colours of the rainbow.  There were seven cups of each coloured champagne, which meant that each couple had forty nine cups of champagne in front of them.

There was a large screen in front of the table and there were colours on the screen, with red being first and purple being last.

This didn’t just test their reactions, it also tested their alcohol tolerances.

“Ok, one, two, three, action!”

Instantly the lights shined onto Gu Liu Sha and Mu Hua Nian.

After that, red appeared on the screen.

Mu Hua Nian’s expression changed slightly and he stood in front of the white table like a shining protagonist.  His lips curled into a faint smile and he picked up the glasses of champagne from the table as he began chugging them.

One, two, three…..Six, seven…..He didn’t stop as he drank all the red champagne on the table, not hesitating at all.

There was a warm glow that filled his eyes and his glazed eyes looked at the figure in the dark blue dress.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 30%.]

Luo Qing Chen was stunned in place.  Looking at him under the lights, he looked incredibly handsome.

After that, the colour orange appeared on Mu Hua Nian’s screen.  He didn’t hesitate at all and narrowed his eyes as he continued sweeping through the orange coloured champagne.


He went cup by cup, standing in the most dazzling position, becoming the incredible focus point of everyone.

Even the director was so stunned that he didn’t call out ‘cut’.

When he drank the final purple coloured glass, only then did he stop.

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