Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 10)

The director on the other hand was nodding, seeming like he was very satisfied.

Compared to this, Gu Liu Sha’s movements were more natural.  When Xia Xing Ge picked up her fork to eat her salad, there were bits of white salad dressing on the side of her mouth.

Gu Liu Sha raised his hand and very naturally wiped the corners of her mouth as he said, “Eat slower.”

“Thank you.”  She deliberately lowered her head in a shy manner, as her voice dripped out like drops of water.

Luo Qing Chen swallowed a mouthful of saliva as she felt her stomach churn.

It really was like Mu Hua Nian said, this «Entering Love» really was a seeking death program of showing love!

Damn!  Can there be more sincerity and less routine between people?

Deceiving the fans and audience like this, making them think that you were actually this loving.

But what she felt strange about was why was it that with every bit Xia Xing Ge took, she looked in her direction?

That kind of look, why did it seem like she was plotting something?

[The host’s guess isn’t wrong, there is a problem with the food.  The supporting female lead has added laxatives, you can not eat it.]

Damn!  As expected, after experiencing all those worlds, I’ve become smarter!


But system, I’m hungry.

[Ding, the host has been given two hard tack biscuits in your right pocket, please accept them!]

Nani?  Sparkly eyes!  System, when did you become this considerate!  Could it be that there is another change I don’t know about in this world!

[The host can refuse to accept them.]  The host is strange, she even suspected goodwill!


“Director, it isn’t good if this supporting couple doesn’t do anything at all!”  Xia Xing Ge finally couldn’t take it as she said to the director with a smile, “They should at least interact, don’t you think!”

After saying this, her eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen.

The director gave a thoughtful nod as he said, “Feed her something.”

After that, he turned to the cameraman and said, “The camera should cut through without stopping.  In the end just fall onto where Xia Qing Ge is.”

“Yes, director.”

Luo Qing Chen naturally knew that once the director spoke, if she didn’t eat, she couldn’t explain it.

She was still thinking of a plan when a certain person spoke first.

Mu Hua Nian avoided Xia Xing Ge’s eyes filled with deep meaning before looking at Luo Qing Chen with narrow eyes and saying, “You don’t seem hungry, I’m rather hungry.”

As his voice fell, he grabbed Luo Qing Chen’s wrist and scooped up a spoonful of cake, putting it in his mouth.

Luo Qing Chen was a bit surprised, as she pulled her wrist back a bit.

But Mu Hua Nian didn’t give her the chance and used a bit of force to eat the poisoned cake.

She also felt it was strange, could it be that he saw there was a problem with her food?  But why would he help her when he looked like he was set on hating her?

System, system, does Mu Hua Nian know there’s a problem with the food?

[This system doesn’t know.]

Trash!  System, can you give me diarrhea medicine?  You already gave me hard tack biscuits, you won’t lack some medicine!


System, you are the world’s most……

[Ding, diarrhea medicine has been put in the host’s left pocket, please accept them!]

Un, very cute system.

She blinked before taking out the medicine with her left hand.  She quickly picked up the mineral water on the table and put the medicine in, as she gave it to Mu Hua Nian while saying, “Don’t just eat cake like a starved refugee, drink some water——”

Mu Hua Nian knit his brows and looked at this girl in surprise, unwillingly being forced to drink by her.

He thought: This girl really is an idiot!  She can’t see that there’s a problem with the food, but she should be able to see that he was a good person!

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