Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 8)

Gu Liu Sha looked at Luo Qing Chen in the photo with clear eyes and a faint smile before slightly knitting his brows.

Without knowing why, an indescribable feeling filled his heart.

After a while, he finally slowly said, “This kind of program is just filler at night, don’t be jealous!”

He had been with Xia Qing Ge for a year and three months, so he was very clear on her personality.

A young miss, arrogant and willful, selfish and jealous……

And what she gave him was just his current status in the entertainment industry……

He suddenly felt that it was a bit boring.  There was a flash of his time spent with Luo Qing Chen in university and his heart was suddenly moved.

“Humph!”  Xia Xing Ge gave a cold snort and slightly pursed her lips to say, “I feel dirty!”

At nine in the morning, the first rays of sunlight was shining down on the sea and the large scale show «Entering Love» had officially begun.

Luo Qing Chen had finally seen the male and female supporting lead in person and in terms of face, Xia Xing Ge couldn’t compare to her.

No wonder back in university, Gu Liu Sha liked her and didn’t like Xia Xing Ge.

As for Gu Liu Sha, he really wasn’t that bad.  He was wearing a black tuxedo that paired with his white skin.  His face had a handsomeness to it, but there was also a gentleness to his handsomeness, as well as two thin lips.  He was sexy without losing his handsomeness.

Un, not bad!  But it belonged to the kind of face that looked good at first and didn’t hold up.

She looked back at Mu Hua Nian and he really did what he said last night.  He was wearing a light green dress shirt that was rolled up at his wrist. It was simple and beautiful that contained an indescribable sexiness.  It was like a prince who had casually thrown away his formal wear after a banquet, noble without losing any elegance.

Comparing it, Mu Hua Nian won!

And it wasn’t just winning by a bit, it was winning by a lot.

Luo Qing Chen stood beside him and even felt a bit inferior.

But they really did match well together.  They were both green as grass with a feeling of spring that made people want to take another look at them.

Even Xia Xing Ge couldn’t help looking over Mu Hua Nian, since who didn’t know that Xia Xing Ge cared about appearances.

“Alright, welcome everyone to set of «Entering Love».  You should all be clear on where you stand and where the cameras are.  Our main goal will be filming our Liu Sha and Qing Ge, followed by Chen Dong and Xiao Mo.  The other two pairs will be supporting actors for the camera, understood?” The director’s words were not a normal kind of forward.  He just referred to them as the ‘other’ two couples, he didn’t even call them by name……

Everyone gave slight nods, only Xia Xing Ge gave a cold snort and had a look of disdain.

The director didn’t say anything, as he smiled and began filming.

Everyone had come to a four story villa and each couple was given a floor to live on.  Because it was morning, so the first thing was looking over the rooms they were living in.

Although on the surface it was decided by a lottery, it was actually the “best male lead” and “actor empress” who chose first.

Xia Xing Ge naturally picked the highest floor because the view was wide and peaceful.

The villa faced the sea and one could enjoy the sky at night.

The secondary couple Chen Dong and Xiao Mo took the third floor and the other couple who was already divorced but still came on the show took the second floor.

That meant that Luo Qing Chen and Mu Hua Nian had the relatively noisy and humid first floor.

“Everyone put away your luggage and then come down to film the breakfast scene.”  The director’s voice came from the dining room in the south and it clearly rang through everyone’s rooms.

Surprisingly, Xia Xing Ge who normally made everyone wait for her was actually the first one there.

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