Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 5)

Early next morning, in a conference room at the Starry Night Company.

Luo Qing Chen had a pair of large black sunglasses and her hair was wrapped up.  It was curly without being messy, making her look even cuter. She was sitting back on the sofa, sitting with the elegance of a queen.  Her hair was hanging down on her shoulder, dotting her white skin.

On the other side was Wan Zi and Mu Hua Nian.  She had sunglasses on, so she could stare at his face without holding back.

But in that moment, the soft spot of her heart had been deeply touched.

He was wearing a clean white dress shirt, with a rebellious look to his face.  His long lashes, his high arc nose, his thin lips, and fine facial features perfectly came together, just like a masterpiece from the heavens.

But in Luo Qing Chen’s eyes, the most shocking thing were those deep dark eyes.

His eyes were very bright, just like stars in the deep night.  In that sparkling light, there was a depth that people couldn’t touch.  When he looked at her, it was like he could see through her sunglasses and see right into her eyes.

“This is a very good chance.  Although the show says you’re only a supporting couple, this show is very hot right now.  Even if you’re not on camera that much, it can create quite a buzz.” Wan Zi was introducing this show as he said, “Whether you can rise up will all depend on you.”

“Big brother Wan Zi is helping you, why aren’t you thanking him!”  You Zi sitting beside her pulled on her hand.

If it wasn’t for those two second grade stars breaking up and they had a contract with «Entering Love», even selling the two of them wouldn’t be enough to pay for breaking this contract.

But looking at the big picture, all ‘Starry Night’ had were first class stars or those with packed schedules.  The only ones without schedules or big names were the two right here!

Luo Qing Chen was a bit surprised, but she still reacted to say in a cold as water voice, “I’m not doing it!”

“Ai, you……”

“What?  You don’t dare?”  Before Wan Zi could get angry, Luo Qing Chen cut him off first.  Her lips curled as she said, “It’s said that mister Mu Hua Nian is handsome and suave, having a paved way to the stars.  Now he has fallen down to being a couple with a lowly star like me, it really is ridiculous!”

Instantly, there was a thick gunpowder smell in the air.  Luo Qing Chen wasn’t really angry, rather this coupling was a chance and she definitely couldn’t miss it.

Even if it wasn’t for affection, it was for her path to stardom.

After a while, Mu Hua Nian narrowed his eyes and his lips curled into a faint smile as he said, “It’s said that miss Luo Qing Chen is pure cute girl with a face like a flower, the dream lover of all men.  Being this excited about being a couple with me on this kind of seeking death program, this one is also filled with admiration.”

WTF!  This ability to insult really wasn’t a normal level of strong!

As soon as his voice fell, the gunpowder smell in the air became thicker.

Wan Zi and You Zi looked at each other with stunned looks on their faces.

They never thought that the gunpowder would be this strong on their first meeting!  If they went on the show, wouldn’t it all be over?

“Eh, since you both don’t want to……”

“Who says that.”  Mu Hua Nian crossed his arms and said this with a faint smile.

“No, my meaning is that, if you don’t like being together……”

“I like it very much.”  Luo Qing Chen fixed her sunglasses and spoke with a grin.

Wan Zi was stunned before he looked at You Zi in blank dismay.

They still couldn’t understand why the two of them could fight for one second and then agree with each other right after.

Could it be the legendary lovers who quarrel?

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