Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 3)

With a high of thirty eight degrees and clear skies all around, even a raw egg would be cooked if it hit the ground.

This was a political court drama.  It told the story of a little girl entering the royal harem having an innocent heart as she encountered all kinds of plots!

But every time she was about to die, there would be supporting male lead one, supporting male lead two, supporting male lead three, and supporting male lead four who appeared.

There were quite a few people here for the filming today.  The story was that the villainous supporting female lead had finally been revealed by the lotus female lead and then maids under the supporting female lead begged for mercy.

Un!  Luo Qing Chen was one of the maids of the villainous supporting female lead!

Oh my god, it really was burning today!  It was a good thing she had slept in the Chaos Space beforehand, otherwise she might have fainted from exhaustion.

Under this scorching sun, a group of lowly actors were squatting on the side, waiting for the director’s orders.

She slightly looked up around her and her eyes finally landed on a handsome youth.

If the previous host’s memory of this face wasn’t wrong, he was the legendary male lead Mu Hua Nian.

He was acting as a passing renegade soldier?

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know much about this male lead since his face appeared just too little in the previous host’s memories.

“You, too white.  Put some dirt on your face to make it a bit darker and be quick about it!”  Although the director’s eyes lit up when they fell onto Mu Hua Nian, he didn’t say anything else.

He turned over and his eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen before saying, “You’re the same, too white.  Makeup artist, put some more darkener on her, don’t let her take the lead’s spotlight.”

“Yes, yes, yes, alright director.”

After saying this, the makeup artist came to Mu Hua Nian’s side and roughly rubbed his face.

“Don’t touch me——”  A cold and beautiful voice came out.  It wasn’t too soft or heavy, it was just right.  It attracted everyone’s gaze around it.

Luo Qing Chen was stunned.  Seeing Mu Hua Nian who was dazzling in the crowd, her lips curled as she muttered, “Un, quite proud!”

[System notification: You can attack poison with poison.]

Ah?  What poison with poison?  That’s right, I haven’t asked you yet, but is the male lead’s affection for the previous host…..zero?

[It’s -10%.]

WTF?  Why is it negative?  Properly speaking, didn’t the previous host not know the male lead?

[The male lead has -10% for everyone, he was born with a natural pride and overbearingness.]

I’m a bit faint, can you support me?


Alright!  Fighting poison with poison it is!  We’ll see who’s more proud! Come, come, come, this willful master is here!

“You, you, you, what is going on?  Are you causing trouble!” The director was very angry, pointing his finger into Mu Hua Nian’s nose as he angry roared out.

He only gave a cold snort and without saying another world, he directly walked off.

All he left was a bunch of stunned watchers.

“Where did this shit come from!  Especially avoid finding people like this actors from now on, does he think that he’s an emperor?  Throwing his face at father, his head must be filled with shit!” The director picked up his blow horn as he roared out.  He wanted to use it so Mu Hua Nian who had already left could hear him.

This director, he really saw people as lowly dogs and his words were really ugly.

Before Luo Qing Chen could even react, the makeup artist had already moved to her side and was preparing to run the darkening cream over her face.

She used her hand to block this and said with bright eyes, “Don’t touch me——”

She spoke in a very loud voice, one that even a certain someone who had left could clearly hear her.

But at the scene, the onlookers all gasped at this.

What was going on today?  There were actually two actors seeking death, they actually dared to act this arrogantly in front of director Wang and his temper!

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