Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: Proud actor emperor’s best coupling (Part 2)

This really was a story of weak men and women……

The previous host was a little star with little fame.  She had a great face and amazing figure, she was considered a school flower back at the Central Film Academy.

In the previous host’s mind, the male lead Mu Hua Nian didn’t occupy many of her brain cells.  The only time was when an agent in order to make a first rate star shine even brighter, specially went to find two low rate stars to form a couple to shine bright!

However, both the previous host and male lead had rejected this!

If you thought that their path to stardom after that was smooth, then you were wrong!

Since then, without knowing why, the previous host met all kinds of trouble.  It was either a bad script, having her character changed, or even an explosion on the set!

In short, it was bad, bad, bad!

Her favourite supporting male lead Gu Liu Sha was already a candidate to be an emperor and she was still a struggling little star.

The previous host and the supporting female lead Xia Qing Ge were classmates and they were good friends in college, being very close friends.  But in the end Xia Qing Ge’s face couldn’t compare to the previous host’s, so her school life was worse than the previous host.

She clearly loved Gu Liu Sha, so why could she only watch him and the previous flirt all day.

Since then, she had been filled with hatred for the previous host.

Xia Qing Ge was the young miss of one of the four large families of S City.  After she graduated, she relied on her family to pave a smooth path for her while not forgetting to send people to target the previous host.

After all, society was not like school.  Once could freely release their glow since society was reality in the end.

The previous host had been an orphan and had no one to rely on.  Her tuition had been earned by herself, so she could be considered a hard worker.

Having a beautiful face and a great character, naturally she received Gu Liu Sha’s affection.  But after entering the business industry, their paths to stardom was completely different.

In just a single year, Gu Liu Sha had already been named the best male lead.  The previous host was still a little star. Such a large gap stretched the love between them as thin as ice.

Finally under the temptation of Xia Xing Ge again and again, Gu Liu Sha ended up in the same bed as her.

Sleeping together!

After that, Xia Xing Ge wanted to play a couple with Gu Liu Sha in all films, dramas, and variety shows.

In the eyes of all the fans, they were named the best couple!

Seeing all of this, the previous host could only grit her teeth and blame herself for being blind.

Not recognizing this so called ‘love’ and ‘friendship’.

But as for affection.

After an accident, the previous host learned her own background.  She was the real daughter of one of the four great families of S City.  In the past, the previous host and Ye Ying Ge had been accidentally switched by someone.

While the previous host was investigating her background and was prepared to meet her relatives again, Xia Xing Ge found out about this matter.  She found some thugs on the streets to make a move against the previous host.

In the end, the previous host died under blade and clubs.  While lying in her pool of blood, she cried before her pitiful life ended!

As for Xia Xing Ge, she went from her smooth debut to reaching the peak.  Going from best female lead to the Cannes Film Festival. She used the great acting skills of veterans to the scandal with Gu Liu Sha to reach the top.

As for her own acting, the world called her: Face paralysis and can’t cry!

After accepting the previous host’s memories, Luo Qing Chen only thought of a single thing!

That was——

“Damn!  Murder! Murder!  A murder world!”

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