Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 46)

The day of the coronation, snow filled the sky.

But she didn’t feel cold at all, as there was a faint begonia scent in the air.  He stood on the high stage and reached out his hand to her.

With a soft breeze, the Falling Cherry Bell at her waist rang.  It was a clear sound that was beautiful to hear.

She slightly raised her hand and felt a bit of heat.  The other side used a bit of strength as he gripped her.

This strength seemed to be proving something to her.

He finally wasn’t the weak king anymore and could stand by her side, the person who would always protect her.

From now on, he would be a wall as he held her in his embrace.

From that moment, it was like a bright begonia had bloomed in her heart, as a smile that wouldn’t close formed on her lips.

Actually, she didn’t care about status or honour.

As long as Chu Nan Xian was alive, every minute and second of life was time spent in happiness.

Just like back in the King Chu Manor, where they spent a life as calm as water, she felt the warmth fill her heart.

But it was like something was vaguely different……

For example, when he held her, kissed her, and when they went to sleep……

One day, Luo Qing Chen lying on the bed.  She wanted to take an afternoon nap before talking about the past.

She never thought that their master came back, oh no, their emperor!

But she was used to calling him master and couldn’t completely change.

Chu Nan Xian didn’t care what he was called, even though he rather that she called him lord husband.

She narrowed her eyes and watched as that tired figure walked over.  There was a familiar aura around that body as it slowly approached.

“Qing Qing——”  A warm voice came out and slightly cool fingers slid across her face.  That person gave a soft laugh as he said in a pampering voice, “Why have you been so sleepy lately!”

Hearing the word “sleepy”, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help complaining in her heart!

The night life and the gentle touch.  She couldn’t sleep at all at night, so of course she would be tired during the day!

She was a normal person, alright?  She wasn’t the powerful Evil Monarch’s Court’s pavilion head, a man who could go seven-eight ties per night.

Her expression: This is physical work, it’s very tiring, alright?

At this time, the thing she had to do was!

Pretend to sleep!

Pretend to sleep!

Pretend to sleep!

Only Chu Nan Xian lifted her up by the waist after that!  He did it so easily, unlike how he became pale faced and covered in sweat like before.

“Qing Qing, I feel that you’ve become thinner and lighter lately……”

A certain person’s heart said: Can’t sleep well at night and seriously lacking sleep, can one become fat?

“It’s all my fault.  I’ve been busy with work lately and haven’t been with you as much…..”

A certain person’s heart said: There are twenty four hours in a day and we’re together at least for twenty of them, is this too little?

“Qing Qing, it’s my fault.  I’ll definitely be with you all day from now on.”

A certain person’s heart said: Σヽ(?Д?;) Nani?

After that, he softly placed her on the bed.  His expression changed slightly as he said with a grin, “I know you’re not asleep.”

“Master!”  After that, Luo Qing Chen turned around and escaped his embrace.  She grabbed the blanket covering her and said with sparkling eyes, “Master, I’m tired……”

Chu Nan Xian looked at her with a bit of aggrievement, “If you don’t give birth to a little prince soon, how could we hide in the mountains and do away with all thoughts, living a peaceful life together!”

What!  A prince?

Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat and said, “Master, this……This is a big plan, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

This kind of thing, let her take it slow!  It can’t be forced over and over again, her back and waist were very sore!

“Alright.”  As soon as his voice fell, his lips curled into a deep smile.  He also entered the blanket and instantly pressed her down. His warm lips fell onto her lips and tenderly kissed

Ah?  What is going on?  What did she say wrong?

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