Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 227

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Chapter 227: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 44)

Chu Nan Xue eyes left Jun Yao Chen and he put away the Snow Moon Fan in his hand.

He turned around and looked at her under the pear flower tree.

She was in a phoenix wedding dress, standing in the snow with slightly pursed lips and tears appearing in her hands.  Her clear as water eyes looked right at him, never turning away for a single instant.

The two looked at each other and their eyes connected.

His expression changed slightly as he walked as soft as snow over to her.

They were surrounded by snow and everyone had their head down, not daring to look up.

They were afraid that if they took an extra look, they would be like the crown prince in a pool of blood, losing their life so easily.

Luo Qing Chen held the hem of her dress like this as she watched Chu Nan Xian walking towards her step by step, not daring to blink for an instant.

She was afraid……Afraid that this was a dream.  With a single blink, everything would be gone.

But when his burning hands took hers, Chu Nan Xian’s soft as water voice sounded in her ears again, “Qing Qing——”

She finally couldn’t take it anymore in that moment and broke out in tears.

She had been waiting, waiting the entire time.  Waiting for this moment, waiting for a miracle.

Waiting for this gentle youth’s warm hands to hold hers again.  That instant, she was certain that this youth was back.

Coming back to her side filled with her thoughts.

“Don’t cry.”  Chu Nan Xian saw her tears like broken pearls falling down without stop and his heart couldn’t help filling with pain.

He slightly raised her hand and wiped the tear off her face, as he said in a gentle voice, “Whenever you cry, I’m at a loss.”

“Chu Nan Xian——”


“Chu Nan Xian, Chu Nan Xian——”

“I’m here, I’m here.”

“Chu Nan Xian, Chu Nan Xian, Chu Nan Xian——”  She suddenly looked up and stomped down, as she looked at him with the ruined makeup on her face from the tears.

Who would have thought that the surrounding snowflakes would suddenly fly up and surround them.

His right hand took her waist and suddenly pulled her into his embrace.

Leaning in, closing his eyes, and kissing, all in one breath.

It was still that familiar kiss, soft and light.

But it was a bit more domineering since the one standing in front of her was the complete Chu Nan Xian.

The Evil Monarch’s Court’s pavilion head admired by the people of the world, a Chu Nan Xian with three souls and seven spirits.

He very reluctantly moved away from her lips and after placing another kiss on her forehead, he said, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.  As long as Luo Qing Chen calls for me, I will always be there. In this life, I won’t ever let her be alone.”

His voice was very soft, but filled with incomparable determination.

This was a promise, one that he gave to her.

“You can’t lie……”  After a while, she bit her lip and her long lashes were covered in tears as she looked up at him while saying, “You don’t know how much despair I was in……”

She really thought that she would be able to live a calm as water life in this world.

But she never thought that there would be such a large splash.  This kind of change was almost something that her little heart that she always thought was very strong couldn’t take.

But, it was good he was back.

“Fool, I’m more scared of parting than you.”  His love for her, she would never understand. But he didn’t need her to understand, she only needed to do a single thing in this life.

That was to firmly stand by his side.

As for everything else, he would take care of.  She just needed to be a little princess, that was good enough.

She gave a slight nod, as her voice was so choked up that she couldn’t take.  This kind of ending, she was already very satisfied with.

She wanted nothing at all, but to stay with her lord.

After a while, he gently rubbed her head as he said, “Let’s go home……”

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