Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 43)

“You…..You…..Just who are you?”  Jun Yao Chen held his chest as he stood up with difficulty, looking at this white clothed youth who wasn’t far away with eyes filled with hatred.

The white clothed youth had his hand behind him, standing there very casually, but having a noble expression on his face.  His faint as water figure attracted everyone’s attention.

And as for him, dressed in a red wedding robe being surrounded by snow, people actually felt he looked inferior.

“Your highness crown prince, kneel down……”  A eunuch on the pulled at Jun Yao Chen’s leg as he spoke in a trembling voice.

“This prince will not kneel!”  There was blood coming down the side of his mouth.  He gritted his teeth as he pointed at the youth under the pear flower tree in front of him, “What qualifications does he have to make this prince submit?  Evil Monarch’s Court’s pavilion head? Ha, ha, ha, ha……So what, Luo Qing Chen is this prince’s princess, how is he qualified to take her?”

His enchanting eyes looked bloodshot and his were filled with rage.  He didn’t know why his royal father feared the Evil Monarch’s Court so much, the yearly worship ceremonies had already annoyed him.  Now this mysterious man actually came and stole his princess.

 No, he definitely couldn’t let him succeed!  Luo Qing Chen was his princess, that was a fact in life and death.

The emperor heard this and he quickly said, “Lord pavilion head, please forgive him.  My sinful son doesn’t understand, you must pay no mind to him……”

“Royal father!”  Jun Yao Chen was clearly in a rage, this was his first time feeling this helpless.

The past him was always high up and stepping down on people, shaming them.

This was his first time being under someone else’s foot.  This feeling truly burned his heart.

“I’ve never cared for the dead.”  As soon as his voice fell, the youth jumped forth and quickly passed by Jun Yao Chen’s side.  There was a blue Snow Moon Fan that came from his waist and it turned into a sword in an instant.

It pierced Jun Yao Chen’s heart with incredible speed…..

There wasn’t a single trace of hesitation.

After all, the person in front of him was the only person he ever wanted to kill in this life.

It was not because this person had tortured him so cruelly, it was because this man wanted to take his beloved from him.

“You…..”  Jun Yao Chen was staring at this white clothed youth as his eyes filled with disbelief.

He……He actually……

The youth’s cold eyes narrowed and a cold glow was released.  His slender hands slowly took off the crescent shaped mask and a snow white face was revealed to everyone.

In that instant, everyone’s heart trembled.  No one would have thought that under that crescent mask, there would be such a familiar face.

He had a faint smile as he looked at Jun Yao Chen with a single breath left and said, “I am the only person in this world qualified to stand by her, I have never stolen her.  She was mine to begin with.”

His words were filled with might, like a god descended to earth looking down on the people.

After that, Jun Yao Chen’s eyes gradually emptied before he finally stopped moving.

Everything had happened so quickly that everyone here didn’t even have the time to react.

Luo Qing Chen looked at Jun Yao Chen in a pool of blood not far away and she took a deep breath before knitting her brows.  An evil charming man like Jun Yao Chen would never know not everything could be forgiven in the name of love.

And even though he was dead, she wouldn’t forgive him for everything he did.

Whether it was fate or reincarnation, she hoped that they would never meet again in their eternal lives.

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