Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 42)

“Such strong wind, what happened?”

“Could it be……Could it be the Evil Monarch’s Court’s pavilion head…..is here…..”

“Why are you all not bowing 

The cold wind blue and everything was blown away.  Everyone dropped down and began to bow.

The emperor was shocked and quickly came down from the high stage.  He looked at the sky that was black as ink and quickly kneeled as he said, “We don’t know how we’ve offended the lord, but we hope the lord will forgive us……”

After that, the wind stopped and the sky was like early morning as it slowly lit up.

Cotton like snowflakes slowly floated down and with a touch of coldness, the surrounding temperature dropped.

The entire capital was instantly covered in snow.  Ice freezing thousands of miles and snow covering ten thousand miles.

The heaven and earth changed and no one knew if it was ominous of if it was a blessing.  Everyone could only remain kneeling……

“It’s…..It’s snowing……”

“We definitely must have offended the gods, this divorced girl can’t get married…..”

“A sin, it truly is a sin!”


Everyone quickly kneeled as they talked to each other, like they were trying to understand what was going on.

Ye Yu Xi slightly raised her hand and a snowflake softly landed in her palm, feeling warm.

There was a faint begonia scent in the air and she slightly pursed her lips, as she couldn’t stop the tears in her eyes.

Jun Yao Chen looked at the snow in the sky with narrowed eyes as he said through gritted teeth, “Who is playing tricks like this, come out for this prince.”

He didn’t believe that it would be like this because he was marrying Luo Qing Chen, this must be someone’s doing!

It was just a single step, there was just one step left!

He had been surrounded by countless girls and had always acted unrestrained.  There was never anything he failed to obtain and he would succeed as long as he tried.

Why was it that he couldn’t get this thing!

He was the honourable crown prince, one person above millions.  He wouldn’t submit, he wasn’t willing! Why was it that even the heavens wanted to stop him!

“Sinner, shut your mouth for me!”  The emperor saw that he was still standing and angrily jumped up.  He angrily looked at him as he said, “Why aren’t you kneeling yet!”

The emperor was naturally in a panic.  Naturally he knew that there was only a single person that could change heaven and earth like this.

That person was the one he revered and feared the most in his life.

He gave him the emperor’s throne and took away a hundred thousand soldiers.

But why did he leave the Evil Monarch’s Court and come here today?

The unsettled feeling in his heart made his kneeing body tremble.  But his sinner son actually still resisted!

“Royal father, this must be a trick against your son……”


Before Jun Yao Chen finished speaking, he saw a white mist hook around Luo Qing Chen’s waist and pull her away.

He reacted fast enough to tightly grab her hand, but there was a powerful force that hit him right where his heart was.

There was a sweet taste in his mouth as he spat up blood, falling onto the white snow.

Luo Qing Chen felt her body being wrapped up in a gentle force and instantly lifted to a pear flower tree not far away.

There was a vague figure standing under the tree.  That person had a white robe with a crescent shaped mask, revealing lips that were curled into a gentle smile.

There was a faint begonia scent in the air.  Just taking a deep breath would make one feel intoxicated.

She softly bit her lip and her fingers kept trembling.

The youth’s face changed slightly.  He lifted his hand and when he touched her white hands, he gripped it and tightly held her hand.

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