Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 41)

Heart like mirror, body like glass.

Hell on earth, killing for killing.

Destiny of reincarnation, being reborn again.

She was in a golden wedding dress that dragged to the ground.  Her hair was tied in a bun that was put in place with a golden pin with a lotus tassel.  The silver tassel was silver with diamonds, sparkling in the light. A peony flower was placed above her brow for decoration.  Her eyes sparkled, her fingers were like jade, and her lips were enchanting.

Just by standing on the high stage, a spring breeze blew by and her beauty dazzled all.

Nian Nian was following beside her and there were a few tears in her eyes.  She lowered her head and carefully held her dress.

As for her, her eyes were cold and her lips contained a chilling smile.

Jun Yao Chen was in a red robed with black trims and golden embroidery, with a gold trimmed belt at his waist.  His lips curled into a smile that filled him with the might of the heavens.

Luo Qing Chen looked at him without any fear.  What kind of eyes were they?

Her hate transcended everything.  She hated him so much that the joy of her life was dying with him.

“Congratulations, congratulations to your highness crown prince——”

“Your highness crown prince can get such a beauty, congratulations, congratulations——”

“It really is a perfect match, a match made in heaven!”


Jun Yao Chen raised his foot as he had a faint smile, wanting to move side by side with her.

When he was at her side, the moment he took her hand, his enchanting voice slowly came out, “This prince advises you not to play tricks.  The Chu and Luo Family’s lives are all in your hands.”

“You think I care?”  She gave a soft laugh, as her voice was completely ice cold.

What did the Chu and Luo Family matter to her.  She wasn’t a saint, she couldn’t care about everyone in the world.

How could those people be used to tie her down?

In this world, the only one that could make her compromise was only Chu Nan Xian.

She was just waiting for the final hope, waiting for him to come back.

“You really don’t care?”  Jun Yao Chen’s brows slightly knit, but he still took her hand and walked towards the emperor.

The Crown Prince’s Eastern Palace taking in a princess had to bow to the emperor, to enter the royal family and become a part of the new dynasty.

 The emperor on the high stage didn’t have a good expression.  The crown prince actually wanted to marry a girl who had been divorced before, it really lost face for him if this kind of girl entered the royal family.

But there was no choice since this was his favourite son, he could only let him be.

But the only thing he was happy about was the changes with the Evil Monarch’s Court last night.  Did it mean that General Luo’s daughter would be able to bring them prosperity?

Thinking of this, this was still alright.

“Testament to heaven and earth, first bow.”  The eunuch’s sharp voice rang out, “Bow——”

Jun Yao Chen saw that she didn’t react and he forcefully pulled on her hand.  She staggered back and fell onto the ground, as pain filled her.

But her face didn’t change at all, being as cold and resolute as before.


“The supreme emperor, second bow.  Bow——”

Jun Yao Chen forcefully pushed her head to the ground and her head knocked on the ground, leaving a faint mark of blood.


She didn’t hear the eunuch’s voice as she gritted her teeth and said to the system.

System, if you have some world destroying thing, give me one.  Since he won’t come back, I will have everyone in this world go with him.


“Husband and wife exchanging hearts, third bow.  Bow——”

“Hong long——”  In that instant, the clear sky suddenly filled with lightning and wind exploded.

Luo Qing Chen stood in place as she slightly looked up.  Seeing the sky turn dark, her eyes sparkled with excitement as her heart beat fast like a little deer running.

Was he, finally here?

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