Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 222

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Chapter 222: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 39)

But even like this, she still had a final bit of hope, waiting for that white clothed youth to come back.

If he didn’t come back, she would just follow him in death.

Evil Monarch’s Court.

Countless strands of mist filled the sky and spread in all directions, blocking off the room.  The mist gathered not far away and the begonia’s danced as they rose with the mist.

Shu Gu stood in place and his eyes lit up.  There were tears in the corners of his eyes as his body kept shaking with excitement.

Three hundred years……

For an entire three hundred years, the Evil Monarch’s Court’s pavilion head only had two souls and six spirits.

Although they were worshipped by tens of thousands, they were still ghosts of souls and spirits in the end.

But now the mist seemed to feel the call of the blood sacrifice, slowly gathering the one soul and one spirit.

In these three days, his three souls and seven spirits came into one body, becoming incomparably strong.

“Pavilion head……”  Shu Gu looked at the scene in front of him and his shaking voice came from his throat.

After that, the mist finally gathered together and released a faint moon white glow.

“This fast……”  Shu Gu called out in surprise.  He thought that pulling souls and spirits from hell and even the strongest people would take three to five days to gather together.  But he never thought that the pavilion head would do it in an instant.

This was a precedent that the Evil Monarch’s Court had never expected before……

But only Chu Nan Xian himself knew that the fact that he could gather his three souls and seven spirits together was because of the young girl who used the blood sacrifice.

That day, she stood on the sacrifice altar in white clothes, reciting the chant for the blood sacrifice.  Even if he was in an eternal slumber, he could feel that numbing pain in his heart.

He wanted to call to her, but he couldn’t make a sound.

He watched as she fainted in front of him, as she was covered in layer by layer of red spider lily petals.  She tightly closed her eyes and her white as snow face fell into a deep sleep.

In that instant, he seemed to return to the mornings in the King Chu Manor.  He silently watched her closed eyes and his lips curled into a smile.

What he wanted was just this calm as water life!

He didn’t ask to be strong, he didn’t fear the outside.  He just wanted to see her eyes and his heart would be filled with extreme certainty.

All because it was her.

“Xiu——”  In that instant, his eyes shined like a sharp sword and he flew through the starry sky, creating a beautiful arc.

The dark night sky was instantly lit up.

He didn’t know why she disappeared after the blood sacrifice, but he could tell that she was still alive and she was still in this world.

She was waiting for him, never giving up on waiting for him……

“Xiu——”  The King Chu Manor that had been sealed instantly opened and the powerful mist flew in.

In just an instant, wild winds blew.  There begonia flowers in front of the Heart Palace fell and softly landed on the crystal coffin.

The person lying inside was in white robes, looking incredibly good as he slept there, white and pure.

After that, the gathered three souls and seven spirits charged at the coffin.  In an instant, the begonia flowers falling down danced in the sky and white light exploded, lingering in waves.

It broke through the clouds and lit up the starry night sky.

In an instant, the finger of the youth in the coffin trembled.  He was covered in moon white light, which spread all over him, healing all his wounds.

The blood flowed backwards and his heart began beating again.

After that, the youth opened his eyes.  His pupils were like ink, shining like stars.

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