Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 33)

“Right, it’s just ‘safely leaving the capital’.”  He suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her into his embrace before shouting, “Fire——”

“No——”  She watched as hundreds of arrows flew out at Chu Nan Xian.

In that instant, her mind went blank.  What should she do, just what should she do?

After that, she remembered her reward from the last world and raised her hand as she shouted, “Space and time freeze——”

[Ding, successfully exchanged for space and time freeze.]

In an instant, everything became silent.

The snowflakes in the air stopped, looking like a scene on a cloth.

Hundreds of arrows were less than a meter away from Chu Nan Xian as they froze……

There was a deathly silence around them……

She didn’t even have time to think as she began walking down city wall without another word…..

Hitting the hard armour, it didn’t hurt……

Being sliced by the blades, it didn’t hurt……

Even jumping down several flights of stairs, it didn’t hurt……

Because in that moment, there was only one thing on her mind.

Faster and faster, she had to pass the hundreds of arrows.

She wasn’t thinking about the twenty affection alright!  She wasn’t thinking about a long term plan alright! She just wanted to die with him alright!

Time passed bit by bit……

Could the heavens show any kindness?  Could they let her be in his embrace as hundreds of arrows pierced their bodies?

If this world could end like this, she wouldn’t hate or complain, she definitely wouldn’t blame anymore.

The normal world, flowers blooming and dying, birth of the heart, death after life.

She gave up, alright?

[Host, there’s no time……]  The system’s mechanical voice rang in her ears, but she could hear a bit of helplessness.

As her system, it could understand its host the most.

But this was this world’s fate and their fate together.

Heavens!  Why couldn’t this little wish of hers be fulfilled?

Why was it that before she even reached him, before she even passed the hundreds of arrows that the space and time freeze ran out……

In that instant, it was like her head was being split apart by thunder.  Everything around her returned to normal, but her world was still frozen.

If she didn’t witness her loved one dying in front of her, perhaps she would never feel the same kind of pain in her entire life……

It was like a blade cutting her heart, a rending kind of pain.

“Don’t——”  She used the last of her strength to shout out, but it was no use.

In that instant, she looked into his eyes.  Especially when she saw him reveal a faint smile, it was like when she saw him the first time, when he was standing under the begonia tree.  It was like a spring breeze blowing right into her heart.

But she could only be like this as she watched the countless arrows pierced his body.  He slightly knit his brows before he fell into a pool of blood.

She charged over and took him in her embrace.  Her body was trembling as she shouted in a sobbing voice, “Don’t die, don’t die.  Chu Nan Xian, I beg you, don’t die……”

“Ke, ke——”  It was unknown if it was the Spirit Cleansing Pill or his mental fortitude, he slowly raised his hand and softly touched her face, as his lips curled into a faint smile.  He used his last bit of strength to softly say, “Don’t……cry……I am…..very……blessed. I finally…..died in…..your embrace.”

“No…..I don’t want this……”  She desperately shook her head as she tightly held him and continued saying, “Don’t leave me, don’t……Chu Nan Xian——”

She didn’t know if he heard her final cry, she just knew that when he closed his eyes, his hands were tightly holding her clothes.

[Ding, affection has increased by twenty.  Mission completion rate is now 100%.]

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