Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 215

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Chapter 215: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 32)

A night without any sleep.

But she didn’t feel sleepy or tired.

Her mind was completely empty, just like standing in the Chaos Space.  Her eyes looked up and it was complete darkness.

The first time she came to this place, it filled her heart with terror, fear, and confusion.

She thought that as the host, she would be incomparably strong with the system.

But everything in this world was destroyed eventually and even the light of the moon would wane, so what did she rely on to be this certain.

Early next morning, Jun Yao Chen sent someone to pick her up, bringing her to the capital city’s walls.

Luo Qing Chen knew what he was thinking, he just wanted to let her personally witness Chu Nan Xian leaving.

The snow filled the sky and ice covered all.  Time was like this and there was no regret for love.

She stood on the city wall, slightly looking up with closed eyes, letting the ice cold snow fall onto her white face.  It was like her ears could hear the familiar footsteps in the distance, creating ripples in her heart.

There was someone in blood spattered white cloths that were like snow that entered her eyes.  It was like he sensed something and he slowly looked up with a face as pale as snow at the high up city walls in front of him.  He saw her clear as water eyes and his lips curled into a faint smile.

That smile was filled with all kinds of thoughts and unwillingness.  He would do anything for one more glance at her.

Just one look would be enough.

“Chu Nan Xian……”  Her lips trembled slightly as she silently called his name.  She watched him silently walk away, taking step after step out the city gates.

The ground was covered in white snow, but wherever he walked was dyed red.

She asked the system last night what she should do.

The system told her that before the story reached its climax, there would be no solution.

If one carefully thought about it, the system had given her a hint in the beginning, but she didn’t notice it.

What she paid attention to was that there was no way in the end.

She took a deep breath and her slender fingers tightly dug into the flesh of her palm.

Watching his lonely back as he left, watching his white clothes dyed with blood, her heart was already numb from pain and she almost couldn’t breathe anymore.

If it wasn’t for Jun Yao Chen’s words in her ears, she would have always thought that Chu Nan Xian would have time to wait for her.

“He has safely left the capital, this prince has done this.”  Jun Yao Chen’s lips curled slightly as he revealed a very terrifying smile.

Luo Qing Chen felt her body tremble.  Before she could even react, there were many archers that filled the city walls as they stood in place.

“You……”  After that, she gave a heart rending cry, “Chu Nan Xian——”

In that instant, the figure in the snow trembled before slowly turning around.

Chu Nan Xian looked at her eyes filled with despair and his heart was suddenly filled with warmth.

Without knowing why, at the moment of his death, he was a bit happy.

As expected, she had only said those decisive words to her to let him live.

She was still that Luo Qing Chen, the Luo Qing Chen that loved to flirt with him and sleep in his embrace.

He really was a fool……She, was also a fool……

How could he not know what kind of person Jun Yao Chen was, how could he let him go?

After divining in the Evil Monarch’s Court last night, he already knew today’s ending.

He knew he would die, but he still had a wish——

Whether he should use his eternal life to exchange for dying in her embrace.

He just was that unwilling to let her go.  He wanted to be by her, hug her, and he wanted his eyes to be filled with her the instant he died.

That way, he would be willing to die.

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