Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 27)

But in the end, this pair of hands was still forcefully separated by the guards as they dragged him away.

In a certain moment in the future, when she remembered the expression Chu Nan Xian had in that moment, her heart would strangely fill with pain.

He kept looking back as he was pulled away, watching Jun Yao Chen holding onto Luo Qing Chen, biting his lip so hard that it was almost bleeding.  Those deep eyes filled with a soft mist, as they filled with pain and unwillingness.

It was like he wanted just another look of her and a single look could last ten thousand years.

Why was his time together with her so short?  Why was it that life couldn’t delay these changes?  Why was it that he was so helpless when he faced these changes?

It wasn’t like he didn’t know the fate of rebels, so the instant Jun Yao Chen took her away, he had made up his mind.

At least she didn’t need to die with him.

But he still wanted to take one last look at her.  At least before the instant he closed his eyes forever, he wanted his eyes to be filled with her.

Luo Qing Chen was after all General Luo’s daughter and she hadn’t been in the King Chu Manor for long, so if they tracked things back three years, it was all unrelated to her.

The emperor said that on account of General Luo’s loyalty in fighting for the country and adding in the crown prince’s Jun Yao Chen’s strange pleading for her, he would agree to placing Luo Qing Chen under house arrest at the general’s manor for now.  After the Chu Family’s rebellion verdict was over, he would decide what to do with her.

Although the emperor hadn’t been clear about this, all the bystanders could hear that Luo Qing Chen’s life had been spared.

Outside the throne room——

General Luo kept thanking Jun Yao Chen.  Although he was an old person, he could tell from how the crown prince looked at his daughter, he could see a strange feeling.

“The general’s manor is far and the young girl has suffered quite a bit of a shock today.  How about letting her stay in the Eastern Palace for a few days, which would also help the court’s investigations.”  General Luo slightly bowed before looking at Jun Yao Chen in front of him, speaking what he wanted to say.

After being an official for several decades, how could he not know that the crown prince who had always acted alone had never pleaded for anyone in the court before.  Now he had pleaded for mercy for his daughter, he really never expected this.

If he knew back then that Jun Yao Chen had affection for his daughter, he never would have married his daughter to the Chu Family.

“I’m just afraid young miss Ye won’t be accustomed to this prince’s Eastern Palace.”  Jun Yao Chen revealed a polite smile, not showing any arrogance in front of General Luo at all.

“It’s good you know.”  She coldly looked up, but she knew it was no use if she rejected him at all.

With how dangerous the situation of the Chu Family was, she definitely couldn’t act out.  She definitely, definitely had to calm down……

“Qing’er, don’t be rude.”  General Luo angrily reprimanded as he raised his hand to teach her a lesson.

But in that instant, he couldn’t change Luo Qing Chen’s expression at all.  Her eyes were cold and they were filled with disdain.

When he wanted to send a strong slap across Luo Qing Chen’s face, Jun Yao Chen steadily grabbed General Luo’s hand and said, “Young miss Luo doesn’t understand, the general shouldn’t be angry.  If the general wants to bring young miss Luo back, this prince will order someone to prepare a carriage immediately and send you out of the palace. If you are worried that young miss Luo is too tired to travel, it is fine if she temporarily stays in the Eastern Palace.”

Jun Yao Chen’s words sounded like he was giving General Luo and Luo Qing Chen the right to choose, but there really wasn’t one.

Those determined eyes said everything.

“Then I’ll have to trouble your highness to take care of my daughter.”

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