Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 22)

The “Bright Moon Mountain Villa’s” secret room was behind a fake mountain and inside a circular stairway, giving people a very ominous feeling.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t feel any danger, rather she was a bit worried about Nian Nian.  If she exchanged for a skill to escape by herself, not only would she leave all these ‘evildoers’ alive, there was also the danger of Nian Nian being killed.

Therefore she decided to take it step by step.

System, system, I want to exchange for a Purple Glowing Divine Sword!  How much will it cost?

[5000!]  The system didn’t give her a chance to bargain at all!

Damn, so expensive!  Then how about lending me the Exquisite Ring to use?

[10000!]  For a divine item, this was already quite cheap!

Why don’t you go to the heavens?

[The system is afraid of heights!]  The system spread its non-existent hands, showing that it was very honest!

Damn!  Trash system, then how about you give me a mace later!

[The system recommends the host to directly exchange for teleportation, after all, Chu Bei Ye is not a normal person.  The host might not be able to beat him with the mace!]

WTF?  Chu Bei Ye was this powerful!?

Luo Qing Chen hadn’t finished discussing the matter of exchange points with the system when she had already been thrown onto a crystal bed in the secret room by Chu Bei Ye.

The secret room was filled with twelve faint blue candles and there was faint musk in the air that made people a bit confused when they took a breath.

“Luo Qing Chen, you loved this king this much back then and now that you’ve changed your heart after being married to that sickly king for just a few days, it really hurts me.”  Chu Bei Ye didn’t throw himself onto her like a wolf, rather he angrily looked at her and vented the complaints in his heart.

“He, he.”  She gave a soft laugh before saying with a cold snort, “What?  Young master Bei is no longer interested in Qian Chu Yue and wants to change your tastes?”

Her tone was filled with sarcasm.  Others might not understand Chu Bei Ye, but how could she not?  The original host died so tragically and it really didn’t lack merit from him!

Chu Bei Ye angrily stared at her and said through tightly gritted teeth, “You love this king, right?  You’re just waiting for this king to pamper you, that’s why you’re deliberately being this cold to this king, right?”

He didn’t believe it, he definitely didn’t believe it!  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes had always been looking at him, so why did it suddenly change!

The unwillingness in his heart gradually became stronger and it soon filled his entire heart.

Even now he began to find that Qian Chu Yue unpleasant to look at!

“Chu Bei Ye, have you not woken up from your daydream?  Keep dreaming if you haven’t woken up yet, alright? Coming to the worship ceremony to desecrate the gods, be careful of heavenly punishment!”  She gave a cold snort. Seeing how egoistic Chu Bei Ye was, she really wanted to exchange for a mace to wake him up!

It was simply like his brain was kicked by a donkey!

“This king is the one who saved you back then and now you’ve already forgotten this life saving grace completely.”  Chu Bei Ye saw that she refused to submit and used the matter of that year to remind her of his life saving grace.

But he never thought that……

“Who saved me back then, you know in your heart.  There are only the two of us here, aren’t you tired pretending like this?”  Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat before saying these powerful words that were like a red hot slap that hit his face.

“Luo Qing Chen, you……”  Chu Bei Ye was clearly angered as he leaned forward with clenched fists.  He looked at her white face and said, “You’ll be mine after tonight. Even if your little mouth is strong, it will be beneath me.”

After saying this, he reached out to grab her clothes.  After that, she planned on instantly exchanging for the teleportation use.

A powerful white mist like spiritual energy appeared in front of them, filling the area with a faint begonia smell.

Instantly, all the lights in the secret room were extinguished.

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